Top 8 things that changed names for legal issues

In life, there are times when you have no room for error. Like, when you’re driving a car, when you’re responsible for your best friend’s wedding rings the day before his wedding, or when you’re motivating yourself to start a company and you have to give it a stylish, efficient, logical and legal name. . It’s not always easy to combine all that. Especially the legal aspect… Huh, guys?

1. Quidditch, renamed “quadball”

No need to introduce you to Quidditch, this sport straight from the Harry Potter universe. If it is basically a fantastic thing (people flying on broomsticks, and balls making their life), geniuses have managed to adapt it to real life to make it a real sport. . Until now, the fantasy version and the real life version had the same name. It was without counting on the writer of Harry Potter, JK Rowling who started swinging ultra transphobic stuff. Out of the question for the league to be attached to such hateful, prejudicial and punishable remarks: they change their name. The sport remains the same, but the bridges are cut with the billionaire. CHEH.

2. Burger King, called Hungry Jack’s in Australia

“Are we getting a BK? “: a question that you can ask anywhere in the world, or almost! In Australia, you would have to say an “HJ” (it sounds less good). The reason is quite simple: when the giant wanted to establish itself on the island-continent, a family restaurant already bore this name in Adelaide. A registered trademark, which the fast food tried to circumvent in legal proceedings, but in vain… To be able to settle, they were therefore forced to choose a new name: Hungry Jack’s.

3. Danone’s “Bio” are now known as “Activia”

Calling yourself “organic” when you are absolutely not organic is all about false advertising. However, you are aware that this practice is totally illegal. In addition, since the 90s, it is forbidden in France to give misleading organic names to products that are absolutely not organic. “Activia” is a name exploded on the ground, but at least… It doesn’t fool anyone.

4. Firefox was first called “Phoenix”

The Internet browser preferred by college teachers was first called “Phoenix”. The thing is that this brand already existed, for Phoenix Technologies. It is out of the question to bury the mark, however, the phoenix is ​​reborn from its ashes to reincarnate as a fox. Style.

5. Plant products will no longer be able to bear names linked to animal meat

It is difficult to tell you by what name these products will now be designated. On the other hand, I can promise you on my favorite pot of tofu that from October 1, 2022, you will never hear about “steak / bacon / sausages / bacon / etc veggie”. These names, assimilated to deception by industrialists in the meat sector, will be banned in France. The publication of the decree was recognized as “an essential step in favor of the transparency of information to the consumer as well as the preservation of our products and know-how” by these. Don’t worry, you can always talk about “vegetable pancakes”. Phew.

6. KFC is called KFC in Canada

At the turn of the 1970s, Quebec was shaken by a heavy linguistic debate. These inhabitants, mostly French-speaking, are worried to see the English language gradually eating away at Montreal. In this context, Bill 101 confirming French as the official language of Quebec was adopted in 1977. The exclusive use of French was then imposed in all public communications in the province. In fact, going to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is illegal. On the other hand, it is possible to taste good tenders at the “Kentucky Fried Chicken”, the PFK.

7. WWF, now WWE

A point that should interest the small community of wrestling enthusiasts who read us. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), an American company specializing in the organization of entertainment events and mainly wrestling, was originally called the World Wrestling Federation. However, this acronym was already used by the World Wildlife Fund, a global organization dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable development. Not much to see, indeed, between the protection of Panda, and the organization of fighting between big oxen full of testosterones. In short, in the end, it was the pandas who won the fight.

8. The Jaguars, once nicknamed… “SS”

The Jaguars were founded exactly 100 years ago, in 1922 (time flies, huh?). When it was founded, the British car manufacturer was called the “Swallow Sidecar Company”. If during the first decade of this car’s life, no one saw anything wrong with abbreviating the name “Swallow Sidecar” by “SS”, the mood changed slightly at the time of the Second World War. Despite the success of the range, the company had the good idea to change its name to never be associated with the Nazi organization. They will surely avoid more than one trial for “apology for crimes against humanity”. (Source)

9. Bonus: a company takes Meta to court

In the fall of 2021, Facebook will rename itself “Meta”. Problem, another small American company, operating in the immersive and experimental technologies sector (virtual reality, for example), had already been called that since 2010. On July 19, 2022, the homonymous company sued the American giant. For the plaintiffs, this appropriation of name constitutes “flagrant acts of unfair competition”. They go further and accuse Facebook of “producing what META has produced for over a decade under its own name, creating the same immersive experiences, at the same events and conferences, working with the same developers and companies”. In this fight of David against Goliath, who will prevail? Case to follow.

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