Top 8 things teachers are not allowed to do

Hello young college students who go through Google articles to find out if their teacher has the right to stick them 2 hours next Wednesday for chatter. Sorry to disappoint you, but yes, he has every right. On the other hand, there are still some small prohibitions that our teachers sometimes cross, and it’s always good to know!

1. Give lines to copy

We start with a great classic, which is no longer a secret for anyone: punishing a student by giving him lines to copy has been formally prohibited since… 1890, and renewed by the circular of July 11, 2000. On the other hand, a teacher is totally in his right when he gives you verbs to conjugate, for example.

Top 8 things teachers are not allowed to do
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2. Confiscate a phone for more than 24 hours

If your phone rings in class, you burn yourself out texting or watching a Tiktok: your teacher has the right to take your phone. On the other hand, he is forbidden to keep it for more than 24 hours! Note that from the moment he takes it away from you, he becomes your guarantor. If Madame Martin could therefore quickly send me the iPod Nano that she “confiscated” from me in 2014. That’s a long time, 8 years, Madame.

3. Bringing a student back with their own car

Say like that, it sounds a bit perverse. But basically, it’s just a nice move! Like, the teacher who brings you back because it’s on his way, because your parents don’t have a car or because there’s a family problem… It’s just nice, so stop seeing evil everywhere! On the other hand, for this, he must imperatively obtain various authorizations: those of the parents (normal), of the management, a guarantee of the personal responsibility of the driver and the owner of the vehicle, and a guarantee of the responsibility of the State to the with regard to third parties and persons transported. Honestly… Walk home, it won’t take as long.

4. Put a “0” in punishment

The 0 is not forbidden if you return a crap job. Frankly, that’s your problem. BUT a teacher can’t sanction your behavior by lowering your grades or giving you 0 on the next assignment. Likewise, you cannot take a penalty on a note, because of your behavior. If Mrs. Martin could give me back my iPod AND all the points she gave me for “chatter”.

Discover 5 prohibited punishments, according to the circular 2041-059 of May 27, 2014 of National Education, still in force!

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5. Require a medical certificate in case of absence

Circular no. 2004-054 of March 23, 2004 recalls that medical certificates are only required in the cases of contagious diseases listed in the interministerial decree of May 3, 1989, namely: ringworm, tuberculosis and scarlet fever. Not the most common, what.

6. Make students stay after the bell rings

“STAY SIT I’M NOT FINISHED!” Well noooo, you don’t have to stay! Good after, out of respect for the teacher and for your own knowledge, it’s still better. But legally, we can’t blame you: the class hours are necessarily divided into fifty-five minutes of teaching and five minutes of interclass. Not a minute more. It’s like that. READ THE PROF INSTRUCTIONS, IN FACT.

7. Refusing a student to go to the bathroom

A practice widely frowned upon by the National Education, especially in nursery and elementary schools. We prefer the intercourse to get there, but if we have a sudden urge, we are not supposed to say no to us! Who are you to control my bladder, if even I can’t, exactly?

8. Collective punishments

There is really a lot of stuff in this top that I would have liked to know earlier… Collective punishments are strictly prohibited, since they go against the very principle of individualisation of sanctions laid down by the National Education! Circular nº 2014-059 of May 27, 2014 states in black and white “ Collective punishments or sanctions are therefore prohibited.” CQFD!

9. Bonus: (to) hit a student

Both are strictly prohibited. It goes without saying, but we remind you, just in case!

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