Top 8 symbols that don’t look like the real thing at all

There are symbols or pictograms that we come across (or even draw) every day, but which do not have much to do with reality. The art of making ugly things a little cuter, and beautiful things a little uglier. You will understand.

1. Heart

Initially, a heart… It’s not very pretty to see. It depends on taste, but two slimy ventricles, veins, an artery and a lot of blood, it rarely inspires something sweet. The symbol that we know him is therefore much more practical than a bloody organ to declare his love. But then why did you choose a design that has little to do with the organ? Well, originally, in antiquity, the shape of the heart was simply inspired by that of ivy leaves. At the time, this plant was associated with Dionysus, god of wine and the pleasures of the flesh. It is also credited with virtues of resistance and longevity. As long as our love, tmtceeeey.

2. The sun

In real life, it’s a huge hot ball of fire. If we wanted to be a little more exact, we would have to draw a big white ball (yes, even if we don’t see it like that, the sun is white). I grant you, it’s less pretty than a yellow circle, with cute little rays around it.

Top 8 symbols that dont look like the real thing

3. Stars

Come on, last point in the sky, and we come back down to Earth. The sun is not the only star that we represent quite differently from reality. In fact, these are all the stars that we kinda fantasized about. Scientifically, a star is a giant ball of hot gas. By drawing it with the “peaks” that we know of it, we simply try to transcribe their radiance. It’s prettier, but not entirely accurate. Then I don’t know about you, but personally… I see more points of light than stars with several branches, don’t I?

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4. Land

I told you we were going to come back down to earth, hihihi. We are used to representing the round earth. When everyone knows she’s flat. It’s abused… But nooooo! The real nuance is that the earth is actually slightly flattened at the poles. It’s a detail, but still interesting to know that no, the blue planet does not look exactly like a bowling ball, a perfect circle.

5. Poo

Clearly, this perfect dung is not that of a human. Never heard of anyone capable of doing such a thing. Looks like ice cream. Totally unrealistic.

6. The “save” symbol

It will be said that using a “floppy disk” to back up is more obsolete than unreal. It was logical before, but today, it doesn’t make much sense anymore. Whether ? Who still uses this?

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7. Mountains

In real life, mountains are beautiful. Asymmetric. Gravelly. Different. Not always snowy. Full of surprises. In the world of symbols, it’s three triangles and a bit of snow on top. A bit reductive. Not representative of the beauty of the thing.

1658179313 661 Top 8 symbols that dont look like the real thing

8. The toilet symbol

It’s a guy and a girl. They didn’t get too wet. This symbol could correspond to absolutely anything and everything. After a while, you have to assume, fuck a toilet or the “poo” symbol. Let’s stop this boundless modesty.

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9. Bonus: the buttocks

Gen Z symbolizes the pairs of buttocks with the “peach” fruit. It’s not stupid, it’s pretty, but it’s a bit sectarian. Yes yes. I assure you that the “slice of bread” team, of which I am a part, feels a little neglected…

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