Top 8 surprising things when you arrive in Quebec, a top sprinkled with skouik cheese

When we talk about Quebec and its friendly inhabitants, we often think of poutine, hockey, Céline Dion or caribou. But Quebec is more than that. When you arrive in La Belle Province, there are little things that capture your attention and awaken the globetrotter in you. The 3rd will surprise you.

1. The absence of roundabouts

Not that it’s something missing, huh, given how many people don’t know how to use their FUCKING turn signals. But let’s say that when you stumble upon your first roundabout after three months without crossing one, you stutter because you no longer know which way to take it.

Top 8 surprising things when you arrive in Quebec a

2. The electric poles that are there

From a simple pole with wires to a big electric pylon, you can find both in the middle of the city. In France, part of the electricity network is buried underground and the rest is, for the most part, in the countryside, where you can less access it. Maybe Quebecers are smart enough not to want to touch it where the French are less disciplined. It denounces.

3. Very expensive alcohol but at the same time it’s not so bad

The strong alcohol sold at the SAQ (Société des alcools du Québec) is very expensive compared to French prices. But where Quebecers are smart is that they have invented 5% alcoholic beverages, much more affordable, in cans or small bottles. Results, you take cooked in tomato juice or alcoholic iced tea. And that’s great. The vodka-orange flash is overpriced.

Top 8 surprising things when you arrive in Quebec a

4. First names, Marie-Joëlle’s revenge

Far be it from me to offend you my ti chums, I simply draw up an observation: many young Quebecers have first names considered very old by the French. You will easily come across a Jean-Philippe, a Patricia or a Marie-Catherine on Tinder. While the French speak with an Anissa. It’s all weird.

5. Animals in the middle of town, watch out when you lift

Sorry to disappoint you but you won’t come across moose easily, even less if you stay in town. On the other hand, you can see marmots on your campus. And that, my friend, is worth all the gold in the world. And I’m not even talking about the squirrels in the trees and the raccoons in your garbage cans.

6. Bilingualism, what else?

Montreal is a bilingual city, we know that. But you would never imagine that a good part of Quebecers speak super fluent English. And go ahead and listen to American podcasts in the car without pressure, read university essays in English for homework… No, but I am level B2 on the other hand, so calm down.

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7. Mental health, Quebec pays attention to your emotions

It’s starting to happen in France, but we’re not going to lie to each other, mental health is still taboo. In Quebec, companies, like Bell with the Cause for the Cause day, but also the government, are committed to positive change on this subject. An advertising campaign was even put in place during the confinement to prevent the decline in the morale of Quebecers. A region that gives you all the attention that your cat does not give you.

8. Expressions you’ve never heard anywhere. Like really nowhere.

There is a plethora of Quebec expressions that we would like to import into France. Tabarnak, kids and tank, that’s two minutes… But when it starts to talk to you about “home”, “listening to a series”, “cotton cotton” and “crouser”, you’re less clever. Go watch Rosalie Vaillancourt clips and tell me if you still dare to imitate Quebecers after that.

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