Top 8 statues that are still a little sexist (there is abuse)

Too much sexism. There is no need to look far because it is everywhere, too practical. Among other things, among all this stuff that doesn’t look sexist but is, there’s a good floor of statues. A short tour of the world of these sculptures of moderately good taste that we kinda want to unbolt.

1. La Spigolatrice by Sapri in Italy

Latest controversy to date: this statue in homage to the revolutionary of the poem “The Gleaner of Sapri” by Luigi Mercantini. Statue which represents the Spigolatrice with more molded breasts and fiak than Britney Spears in her jumpsuit Oops… I did it again. When could someone have thought that it was a good idea to represent a revolutionary like this? Are we surprised that a man is at the origin of this work? Not really, we’re not going to lie.

2. The Molly Malone statue in Ireland

A super sleek statue in Dublin that depicts a fictional fishmonger (found in an Irish song) with a pair of breasts, you’re scared. The nicest part of the story is that you have to touch her breasts for luck. A super cool tradition and not at all synonymous with sexual assault (it’s not true).

3. One of the statues at the Iowa Capitol War Memorial in the United States

This statue depicts a beautiful, young mother nurturing her children, which is believed to be the allegory of the state of Iowa. Personally, I don’t see any difference with Katie Perry at the end of California Gurls.

4. The Fontana delle Tette statue in Treviso

Well, do you really need a comment to tell you how uncomfortable this statue is with sexism? Historically, white wine and red wine came out of its breasts with each new podesta and the inhabitants could drink there for free for 3 days. Do you also feel a deep embarrassment invading you?

5. The statue of Elizabeth of Hungary in Hungary

Statue in homage to this sovereign of Thuringia and saint of the 13th century, it seems however that she pays homage above all to her ball. We weren’t here to judge but we’re pretty sure she’s done things a little more incredible for her country than having a good ass. But like what, being a good person with skills and humanity is not enough to be respected.

6. The Fountain of Neptune statue in Bologna

It’s true that we stuttered a little in front of this very hot fountain showing four nymphs surrounding the God Neptune, who represent the Ganges, the Nile, the Amazon and the Danube. I think I would be less embarrassed to watch all the seasons of Sex Education with my grandparents than to come across this statue.

7. The Medusa statue in New York.

The origin of this statue was rather positive, since it was to pay tribute to the #MeToo movement by representing the liberation of women’s speech, and it is installed in front of the court where Harvey’s judgment took place. Weinstein. It is an adaptation of the myth where Perseus defeats Medusa. But to denounce violence against women, it is Medusa who holds the head of Perseus decapitated with a sword. Except that for many feminists, this statue is still a representation of the female body idealized by men (including its author) since the sculpture has no sex or hair and its forms respond to dictates. Clearly want to say “it’s not wrong”.

8. The statue of Mary Wollstonecraft in London

Hyper reassuring to see that this sculpture, which must pay homage to an ultra-renowned feminist philosopher, ended up as a sexist statue of a naked girl. As the tweeter and journalist below puts it very well: “So when Mary Wollstonecraft said that women should be ‘respected for their skills and qualities’ more than two centuries ago, she really meant: ‘I want to be immortalized in 2020 with my boobs exposed’. “. Wow.

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