Top 8 stars who regretted a joke

We have all been the victim of a lame joke made in public that we regret as soon as we say it. The advantage is that we are not known people so a bad joke in front of three people will not force us to apologize publicly a few years later unlike the people below (of which Tex is not one, I’ll calm you down):

1. Eddie Murphy regrets making outright homophobic jokes in the past

Certainly Eddie Murphy is a guy who makes us laugh. But it must be recognized that some old sketches would not pass at all today. It’s not me who says it, it’s him “I’ve seen things where I crack a little awkward jokes. But that doesn’t mean I deny them. I still appreciate them. And I look at it with the context of the time in mind. And seeing myself say that, I see a little the child that I was. » he said in an interview for Sunday Morning on CBS.

2. Amy Shummer when she made racist jokes

Amy Shummer has done a lot of valves, it’s a bit like the principle when you’re a comedian. But she regrets some like the time she compared Hispanic men to rapists “I used to date Hispanic guys, but now I prefer consensual” (“I dated Hispanic men, now I prefer consent”). As she says, back then she wasn’t as famous and she wouldn’t be able to do the same kind of jokes at all with her current level of fame.

3. Jamie Foxx when he viciously winnowed Miley Cyrus

You have to go back to 2009 when Jamie Foxx participates in a program in which we talk about Miley Cyrus and the fact that she had winnowed the group Radiohead. In short, rather than letting this unexciting info flow at first, Jamie Foxx began to go after the girl, saying first “The girl with the big gums!” She had to have a gum transplant…I would definitely order a mouth, white teeth and big gums. » (for someone like me with bad gums, I can tell you it hurts) before moving on to advice for her career success like making a sex tape and taking drugs. In short, moderately funny. No wonder he came back to this episode (even a few years later) to say he apologized. (source)

4. Ornella Fleury when she winnows Jonah Hill

Oh yes, we remember this super awkward moment when the columnist of the Grand Journal clearly made a valve on the weight of the actor. A scene quickly returned to the pantheon of embarrassing jokes seen on TV. Fortunately, she apologized quickly after this somewhat embarrassing event.

5. Sarah Silverman who did blackface

That’s what happened. In 2007, the comedian presented a sketch in The Sarah Silverman Show in which she wears blackface. She defended herself from this gesture at the time because she said she wanted to play a racist character and therefore incriminate blackface more than celebrate it. However, she returned to this episode which she regrets because even if she felt in her right at the time, this episode went very badly and also cut off many opportunities for her.

6. Conan O’Brien and an average Anne Frank joke

In 2011, a documentary was released on the comedian presenter “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop” in which he meets his fans and talks about the difficulties of his job and the pressure he is under (does this documentary have the sound exciting? Except that at one point he is told that it will all be over soon and then BAAAAAM he responds tit for tat “That’s what we told Anne Frank”. OUPSY. Not the best valve as he will explain later.

7. Dave Chappelle who thought Trump would be fine

In 2016, the comedian presented the first post-US election SNL show and wanted to be reassuring, open, thinking that Donald Trump’s election wouldn’t be that bad. In short, of course, he bit his fingers when he saw the absolute failure of the one whose name we all try to forget.

8. Scary Jean Lassalle

Overall when the guy makes a joke about his wife, he’s scary. Even when he says he regrets the joke he is scary. Even Evelyne Thomas, she is scary.

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