Top 8 singers who retired particularly early

Music is a world of sharks in which you have to find a place and stay on top enough time to pass on Nostalgie. It’s the ultimate goal of every singing star and it’s complicated for the simple reason that U2 and Phil Collins already take up 80% of the famous radio’s broadcast time. Suddenly, faced with a challenge that is too full-bodied, some artists choose to end their career early, to indulge in other passions such as knitting or beam throwing.

1. Lorenzo

When announcing his fourth album “Living Legend”, Lorenzo also announced that it would be the last and that he would therefore stop making music. He said he maxed out on this one and couldn’t do better, which is pretty lucid for a guy who smokes that much. We hope to see him again in other stuff very soon.

2. Kevin Jonas

The third member of the Jonas Brothers decided to put his music career on hold in 2013 following the band’s explosion (not literally as an explosion huh) in order to focus on a fairly successful career as a businessman and entrepreneur. But the group’s comeback in 2019 literally shocked the whole world (nah I’m exaggerating, for example I just found out that they broke up and came back personally) so it’s not quite a retirement it must be believed. Piss off not knowing what they want these artists.

3. Mr. Pokora

In order to devote himself to a film career, Mr. Pokora (formerly Matt Pokora) decided to stop his musical career in 2018. But he returned in 2019 with the album Pyramide to finally resume his career where he left off. left since he is not retired at all, in fact he just made fun of us. Not cool Matt. You have to stop making Nicolas Sarkozy like that, guys.

4. Patrick Hernandez

You may not know his name, but you know his global hit “Born to be alive” (1979). After trying to continue his career, Hernandez gradually faded into oblivion, failing to repeat his success and so he “forced” his retirement to appear only in certain shows and interpret there. his pipe. The song would still bring him today between 1000 and 1500 euros per day, which is still quite crazy.

5. Ilona

The one who sang “A Perfect World” in 2005 and who had met with fairly big success in France and Germany (don’t ask me why) decided to end her career in 2007 to focus on studies. Well after that it’s a bit the thing of child stars, either you manage to continue your career (and above all you want to) or you fall back into anonymity.

6. Diam’s

After announcing the end of his career in 2012, Diam’s kept his commitment (unlike several fake retirements from this top). Well we still lost probably the best rapper in France at the same time and it’s very sad but she has already given us some really cool titles, so we can only thank her and wish her the best for the future . The sequel that started almost 11 years ago anyway.

And to immerse you fully in his universe, we have the quiz for you: do you know Diam’s lyrics well?

7. Childish Gambino

Donald Glover is a man who has succeeded in everything but he gets tired very quickly. First his departure from Community, then the stoppage of the Atlanta series, then the retirement of his alter-ego Childish Gambino: it’s far too many brutal stops but he’s like that. Well, if it allows him to go and test different things, it can clearly lead to interesting new projects, so why not (and above all, he does what he wants). In the meantime, he has already declared several times that the “This is America tour” will be Childish Gambino’s last.

8. Florian Delavega

From his real name Florian Garcia, this half of the duo Fréro Delavega decided in 2017 to isolate himself and stop the music. So he went to settle in the moors and took the opportunity to enjoy nature and calm a little. Then bah there obviously he redid some music. In fact, we may have misunderstood the principle of retirement in the musical world since it generally lasts two or three years.

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