Top 8 signs that your child is not HPI, but then not at all

It’s funny because the proportion of gifted children in France remains estimated at 2.3% (i.e. 200,000 children) except that at the same time the number of institutions to detect kids with High Intellectual Potential continues to increase. … But wait guys, we’re testing it for you, and for free. Spoiler: not sure you like it.

1. He’s not gifted, he just doesn’t care at school

And come on, here we go again for the speech on Albert Einstein who was bad at school. Because when you’re too particular for the school system, you can’t conform to it. So yes, we agree with all that Roger. But for your little Ondine whose grades rival the temperature of the ice floe, we still have the impression that the child psychiatrist will give you the same diagnosis as us: a little less Pokemon on TV in the morning for a little more ” Mortelle Adèle” to read in the afternoon.

2. He’s not curious, he just asks questions about everything and anything

So sorry, but we still agree that it’s absolutely normal for any self-respecting brat to ask an infinite number of questions, ranging from “Why does the ladybug have black spots? to “Mom, why is there a beard in your nose?” – Always a pleasure to converse with you my dear… But not to the point of wanting to measure your IQ.

3. It’s not the lessons that aren’t stimulating, it’s just that he’s bored (like all children)

Of course, Martine, that’s why we invented gossip and paper balls. And you say that he also gets bored on long car journeys when you listen to your linguistics program on France Culture? Hmm… Clairvoyance perhaps, quite simply?

4. Just because he likes zebras doesn’t mean he’s one himself

And that’s where you lost us Marjorie. What’s the fun with zebras, seriously? It’s true that between gifted, precocious, HPI / HPE, philo-cognitive, we lacked a bit of vocabulary. In short, drop your kid is more like a slug than a zebra and that’s fine.

5. Just because he plays alone doesn’t mean he’s independent

OK it’s great that he plays on his own, what an imagination! Well, from there to questioning the legitimacy and relevance of any figure of authority around him, there’s still a small margin. Offer to feed him and do his laundry on his own and we’ll see if he’s still as independent as ever.

6. He’s not creative, you’re just too nice

Yes then on this subject, we didn’t dare talk to you too much about it Gwénaëlle but you know, there are sometimes very subjective things, how could we put it nicely, you get it? And we’re not necessarily convinced by your daughter’s artwork. Obviously, ugly children’s drawings are a sensitive subject.

8. Just because he ticks a few HPI symptom boxes doesn’t mean he’s really HPI

By dint of wanting your child to be HPI, you are necessarily biased by what you read on the subject. Oh yeah, he’s really curious, it’s true that he seems bored in class, it’s true that he seems super sensitive. So many extremely vague criteria that can apply to 99% of children, so put this dubious diagnosis in your socks.

Between us, we have studied the main characteristics of HPI children and we still have the impression that these are traits specific to any self-respecting kid, right? So wait, we were just told that the gifted also have the characteristic of not realizing that no, not everyone is like them, hypersensitive, with the feeling of being different, in addition to being precocious , curious, perfectionist and witty. So in time for us then, the editor of this top looks to us like an undiagnosed HPI. That said, it gives him a nice leg.

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