Top 8 series whose writers had the end from episode 1, it’s still more…

The problem with big budget series is that they end up exhausting their concept by linking seasons for no good reason. As you might suspect, the best series in the world are often those that were written almost entirely in advance. If you know where you’re going and how it’s all going to end, it’s easier to have a believable script and interesting details.


You know Dark ? It’s a very good sci-fi Netflix series coming to us from Germany. Overall, it takes place in the forest in the rain, there are people who disappear and you have to write everything down in a notebook to remember the links between the characters. When Netflix contacted Baran bo Odar (the director) and Jantje Friese (the screenwriter) to produce a series with them, the latter proposed the script for Dark which they had written 8 years earlier with the idea of ​​making a film out of it. Even before the start of filming, they had already decided to do 3 seasons and not one more.

2.Breaking Bad

After writing for the series X FilesVince Gilligan decides to create his own series with a kind main character who gradually becomes a villain (by the way, breaking Bad is an expression that means “to go wrong”). When pitching the idea to AMC, Gilligan said “This is a story about a man who transforms himself from Mr Chips into Scarface” and that’s exactly what happened. The showrunner knew before he even started filming that Walter White was going to go out of his way and lose himself.


series Spartacus is far from perfect, there are a few vague moments that don’t necessarily fit with the rest of the story, but the end was written even before the release of the pilot episode. When Spartacus dies at the end of the series, a shield with a red snake drawn on it is installed on his grave and it is not for nothing. In the first episode of the series, Spartacus’ wife tells him that she dreamed of him: he was bleeding out in front of a large red snake. According to Sura, this dream meant that the war would bring him great things but a bad fate.

4. Bates Motel

Bates Motelit is a series inspired by the very famous Psychosis with Freddie Highmore as the lead actor. We follow the adolescence of Norman Bates who has just moved into a terrifying house with his mother who has decided to take over a motel. Kerry Ehrin and Carlton Cuse, the creators of the series, chose to reinterpret the story so that the series does not end like Hitchcock’s film. So they knew from the beginning how it was going to end and even added: “We always knew that Norman and Norma could not find happiness in this world”.

5. Mad Men

If you’ve ever seen an episode of madmen, you must know the character of Don Draper, a creative director who works in a big advertising agency. Although the creator, Matthew Weiner, had not written the seven seasons of the series in advance, he knew very well how it was going to end: Don Draper was going to abandon his stressful life to go live in a hippie community. Weiner even clarified that he perfectly imagined the scene of Don in the lotus position.

6. Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful is a fantasy series (which can also be called a horror series) written on the basis of horror stories that could be read in London magazines at the end of the 19th century. When Showtime announced the end of the series after three seasons, the fans rose up: for them the series could not stop on the death of the main character. Well yes, the creator of the series John Logan even said that he had always imagined the end of the series like this, and this even before the filming of the first episode.

7. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom in 9 seasons, so we suspect that everything was not written in advance. However, there are still several things that were planned. Already, the two creators of the series have been inspired by their lives: one of the two married his first college love like Marshall while the other looked more like the character of Ted. It’s cute, but it’s not the most important: the end of the story was planned from the beginning. We understand that Ted is still in love with Robin and wants to admit it to his children when we realize that the whole series revolves around her: the first episode begins when Ted meets Robin, the love of his life.

8. Gravity Falls

In 2015, the creator of Gravity Falls Alex Hirsch announces that the series will be finished at the end of the second season and that it is a personal choice. In an interview, Hirsch said he had already imagined the beginning, middle, and end of the Gravity Falls story when he pitched his idea to Disney. He was then thinking of doing two or three seasons but after finishing the first season, Hirsch was exhausted. He then considered stopping the charges and not continuing the series, which meant ending Gravity Falls on a cliffhanger. Fortunately, the series was a huge success and people Hirsch admired managed to convince him to end his series with a second and final season.

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