Top 8 series that we can’t wait to see in 2022 (the ones that are going to be nazes)

You have read it in our top series that we can not wait to see in 2022, this year will be rich in good releases which will again make us cancel a lot of parties to sit in front of our TV. But as the world is never all pink, the expected series have their evil alter egos: the series that we are not at all eager to see. Really, these, we feel that they already taste messy seasoned with a little touch of boredom. Do you see them coming, the big dungs?

1. How I Met Your Father

As a person who thinks that How I Met Your Mother is better than Friends (go ahead, insult me), I would obviously dream of a sitcom of the same level to emerge. Only, history has taught us that derivative series and other spin-offs are very rarely good things. It is therefore a safe bet that the new version with Hilary Duff will be a monumental disaster. I still hope I’m wrong.

2. Stranger Things – Season 4

If seasons 1 and 2 of the series were a real pleasure to watch, season 3 marked the fatal turning point. I personally started to find the characters in Stranger Things ugly, especially the kids and their unnecessary romance. In terms of history, nothing new, and in terms of the 80s atmosphere, we still end up having a bit of the tour. Frankly, what do we still expect from season 4? Nothing. Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

3. The Witcher – Blood Origin

The prequel spin-off of The witcher is already shaping up to be a small mess of families. Why ? Quite simply because the series The witcher is itself a mess. The series literally made its needs on books and games by modifying essential elements of the story, the appearance of certain characters and even their personalities. There is no reason that its spin-off does better. If I were you, I would wait for the first opinions before getting into it.

4. Peacemaker

So much The Suicide Squad was very nice (the one from 2021 eh, not the horror of 2016), as I feel very badly this spin-off dedicated to the hero played by John Cena. Still, there are a few good ingredients there, like having James Gunn overseeing the whole thing, or having John Cena being John Cena. But watch the trailer and you will see that the series makes the choice to go into the niche of the comedy-action already well exploited by Dead Pool Where Guardians of the Galaxy at Marvel. The jokes smell of warmth and that will surely be the case with the script. To pass the time, why not, but don’t expect much.

5. Umbrella Academy – season 3

Do you know of people who thought season 1 was good and who watched season 2? Me no. It would really take a miracle for the third installment ofUmbrella Academy transforms a ” so-so “ in “OUAH but it’s crazy this thing I have to tell everyone around me”. Personally I do not believe it.

Top 8 series that we can't wait to see in 2022 (the ones that are going to be nazes)

6. The World of Tomorrow

We have just been entitled to Supreme, which is a biopic on JoeyStarr and Kool Shen, and Netflix will bring us what? A series on JoeyStarr and Kool Shen. Well no in fact, we will not spend our life studying the life of NTM from all angles. We have other things to do I think.

7. Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, Secret Invasion, Moon Knight, Armor Wars and IronHeart

Sorry but Marvel, which is releasing 6 new series for us in 2022, is more of a stylish content offer, it is neither more nor less than spam. We’re gonna have to take it easy, guys, or we’ll start believing you’re doing this just for the dough.

8. Westworld season 4

I wouldn’t want to disrespect the 5 people who are still watching Westworld because after all the series looks very good. Only, we, the others, we all stopped after the first season and we have largely forgotten this series. Too much time passes between each season for such a complicated story. So, those who will watch season 4, you will tell us how it was. Not sure that we will answer you, however.

Top 8 series that we can't wait to see in 2022 (the ones that are going to be nazes)

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