Top 8 series that start with a good intention, but it is missed

One day we told you about films that started with a good intention and that got seriously screwed up. Well suddenly we decided to do the same thing with the series because it is out of the question that we do not cover the subject at 360°.

2. Insatiable who talks about being overweight and is accused of fatphobia

If the series has two seasons to date to its credit, the first trailer did not have good press at the time of its release. To make it short, it’s the story of a very slightly overweight teenager who is shamed by all the students. One day she gets mugged and her jaw kicked out. During her rehabilitation, she can hardly eat anything and then discovers a line a little more acceptable for the American high school student standard, YAAAAAAAY. Except that Patty, it’s not enough for her to be thin, she also wants revenge on all the people who have been mean to her. Apart from the touchy aspect, it’s hard to imagine how such a light synopsis whose result is a grossophobic series could see the light of day.

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3. The game of the lady who wanted to retrace the story of Nona Gaprindashvili and who was asked for tunes by this same person accusing the series of sexism

Admit that it’s a bit stupid to make a biopic about a girl and she asks you for 5 million euros because she thinks your adaptation of her own life sucks. “Sexist and denigrating” are the terms precisely used to describe the series. Does this mean that the series is zero? I let you be the judge, I’ve never seen her, I preferred to eat coconuts from Paimpol.

4. Working girls who want to talk about women but do so with lots of clichés

Here again, some of us loved this series so we’re not going to totally blame it, but with hindsight, we started to think that if it was cool to have a series with only girls, that’s it. It was much less to see there spread out an incalculable number of sexist clichés (the nympho, the dictator, the depressive, etc.) staged in sometimes clumsy gags. Good after, if you liked well it does not matter you will not go to prison. Unless you liked it and also buried people in your garden against their will.

5. 13 reasons why which denounces school bullying but which would have led to a wave of suicides

Bad deal for this successful series which was first widely acclaimed for its treatment of school bullying until we learned that the “glamorization” of suicide would have motivated some unhappy young people to reproduce the act at home. Good after, you will allow me to think that there was undoubtedly a fragile ground among these poor teenagers who certainly did not wait to watch the series to think of ending their lives.

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6. Euphoria which deals with teenage sex and drug use and is accused of glorifying it instead

A little like 13 reasons whythis series (absolutely brilliant by the way) dealing with drug taking and sexuality in a group of high school students has been accused on the one hand of over-sexualizing some of its female characters but also of glorifying drugs by staging the hallucinogenic effects of certain narcotics.

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7. Messiah who was embarking on a politico-religious thriller and who was accused of Islamophobia

The Netflix series will obviously not have passed the first season because from the first episodes it has been talked about. The story basically tells of Jesus’ return to the Middle East. A slightly complicated subject and which has obviously not been treated in the best way even if Tomer Sisley (who plays in it huh, because otherwise I don’t see why we would ask his opinion) thinks it’s a very good series which deserves its season 2 (badly crossed out).

8. The Office which was supposed to portray us as a completely stupid boss and which we all quickly loved

aaaaaaHA, the creators of the series must have the balls because clearly they have screwed up with this far too touching character that we would all like to have as a boss.

Top 8 series that start with a good intention but

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