If you’re a fan of Cold Case, think you’re an expert investigator, and want to solve some really creepy cases, look no further. Here is a small list of 8 serial killers who managed to escape the clutches of the police. Not the best known, of course, but not the least scary.

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper was a killer of prostitutes raging in London in 1888. The total vagueness surrounding this case has given rise to a lot of fantasies, fanciful stories and all-out theories, but in the end the tangible elements are very few. Even the authenticity of several letters sent to the press is sometimes questioned. In short, we know nothing, and that is what fascinates.

The Zodiac Killer

Surely the most famous example of an “on the loose” killer after Jack, the Zodiac killer was entitled to several long quarters of an hour of fame, culminating with Fincher’s film, Zodiac in 2007. This mysterious serial killer is is credited with 5 murders and 2 attempted murders in late 1960s California even though he is suspected of committing many more. Despite his frequent contacts with the press (and therefore the police) through coded letters, and despite several suspects, no one was ever charged. Even today, several letters of the Zodiac are undeciphered. Although in 2021 a group of investigators believe they have identified him as Gary Francis Poste, no evidence has yet validated this hypothesis.

The Phantom Killer

A few years before the Zodiac Killer, another masked killer raged in the United States, traumatizing the small town of Texarkana, on the border of Texas and Arkansas. We are in 1946 and in the space of 10 weeks 8 people will be attacked, 5 will die there. The investigators were so vague that more than 400 people were suspected without ever being convicted.

The Atlanta Ripper

The Atlanta “Ripper” is a serial killer who raged in Atlanta (logical) in 1911 and who was never arrested or even identified. And since his fifteen victims (minimum) were young black women, we can assume that the case was not really the priority of the police. Six suspects were nevertheless heard, without success. No one ever found the one who used to slaughter his victims.

Calcutta’s “The Stoneman”

The Stoneman got his little nickname back because in 1989 he roamed the streets of Calcutta smashing homeless people with rocks or concrete blocks in their sleep. Between the possible copy-cats, the possibility of an organized gang and the lack of clues, the police force was completely on the street and the Calcutta bully was never found.

The Babysitter

The Babysitter also had another nickname, “The Child Killer of Oakland County,” which already gives you quite a clue as to his little creed. 4 children were abducted and their bodies found in different places in Oakland in 1976/1977 but he is suspected of having a much bigger hunting list. Despite a few leads (including hair found on 2 of the victims), no one was arrested and the murders remain unsolved.

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The Cleveland Torso Murderer

The Chest Killer of Cleveland (yes, it sounds better in English, but he was also called “The Mad Butcher”) would have left behind him about fifteen corpses of dismembered men in the 4 corners of Ohio. He killed by decapitation before cutting off the hands and feet of his victims, thus making their identification very difficult; only 2 were formally recognized. We arrested a young medical student who was interned to avoid court, then another man was arrested and charged with 2 murders but committed suicide in his cell before his trial.

jack the stripper

We put him to you because he has a funny little name: Jack The Stripper raged in London between 1964 and 1965 and attacked, like his illustrious predecessor, prostitutes whose naked bodies he abandoned in London or in the Thames. Scotland Yard did the job, interviewing nearly 7,000 suspects but without success.

If some feel the souls of Sherlock or Lilly Rush, do not hesitate to dig up these Cold Cases, there is work to be done.