Top 8 secret things that will be revealed after we die

What will the future be made of? Probably not a giant helium balloon that will take us to Alpha Centauri, nor indeed an intermarriage between Earthlings and Plutonians. But there are already two or three things whose outlines are taking shape, years before their actual realization.

1. We won’t be able to see the jacket Jackie wore when her husband was assassinated before 2103

Jackie’s pink suit, stained for eternity with her husband’s brains, marked history, especially as the first lady continued to wear it during the induction of Lyndon Johnson. Then it was kept in a special box, protected from the air and from any possible destruction. When Jackie died, the costume was donated to a museum, but could not be presented for a long time, so as not to tarnish the image of the Kennedys.

2. John Malkovich and Robert Rodriguez have made a movie that will be released in 100 years

In November 2115, to be exact, 100 years after filming. Presented at Cannes but not broadcast, this film financed by Rémy Martin cognac was written by Malkovich who occupies the main role. 100 years is also the title of the film and the time it takes to make a good cognac. In the meantime, the film is sleeping in a safe and 1,000 people have received an invitation that they can pass on to their children.

3. The next Tintin is for 2052

On the death of Hergé, in 83, his publisher, Casterman accepted his wish that no other Tintin adventure be carried out. Except that in 2053, Tintin will fall into the public domain, 70 years after the death of the author, according to European law. And Casterman would make a little money, before losing his catalog, hence the idea of ​​releasing an album just before, in 2052.

Well I don’t think we’re dead, but I do.

4. Marie Curie’s notes are too radioactive to be consulted before the year 3535

Marie Curie made a huge contribution to research on radioactivity. So much, in fact, that she died from being exposed to radium. But she was not the only one exposed: her personal effects too. However, radium takes 1600 years to disintegrate. In short, nothing can be touched or seen. In 3535, we should therefore be able to read all this cushy and without risk.

5. The identity of Elena Ferrante

A priori, it will be necessary to wait 70 years after the death of the author for her work to fall into the public domain and for, consequently, the restrictions on the dissemination of her true identity to be lifted. We may also never know. I will get over it.

6. We will not have proof of Russian interference in the murders of opponents in the United Kingdom until the 2080s

The latest assassination attempts have been the subject of virulent and totally ridiculous denials from the Russian government, but if Russia follows its own law, it will be required to declassify its archives in 70 years. This delay applies to information that is sensitive or contains personal information. For other files, the legal duration is 30 years since the law adopted in 93 by the Russian Federation.

7. Several books will not be published until 2114

This is the Future Library project, a Norwegian concept in which each year, an author is invited to write a book whose publication will not be guaranteed before 2114, the date on which the forest that the designers of the project have started to grow will be mature and therefore able to provide the pages necessary for the publication of these books. Which is quite absurd, when you see the rise of digital books. Selected authors include Margaret Atwood, author of the Scarlet Maid.

8. Does cryogenics work?

About 300 people have already decided to be cryogenized in the world, before dying. But does it work? We won’t finally know until the year 2200, when the Merchants of Eternal Slumber decided they would de-freeze the bodies, relying on future technology to bring them back to life. It’s a funny coin toss, this case.