Top 8 school urban legends that we all believed in, “he seems the guy he…

We all have memories of high school or college that we would like to forget, all those times when we were really bored. Starting every day at 8 a.m., the breath of the coffee-fuelled math teacher, tests, homework and all those hours wasted in the duty room. But don’t worry, there are plenty of examples of people who have managed to get out of the box and assert their personality. Hats off to them, not to mention that it’s a hostile world, with all the pans dragged around by the educational staff.


1. What is audacity?

Audacity, that’s it.

How could we believe for a single second this bullshit from a lousy 1972 movie, The pawn ? In any case no, no student has ever written that on a paper of philosophy. Finally, there are surely plenty who have tried but none have ever had 20/20.

2. One year, a student died in the class and everyone had their baccalaureate

This is already false, especially since the copies are anonymized. So, it’s not worth thinking about the scenarios that could lead Jonathan to cross the street a little too quickly without looking left or right, all because he was the one who went out with Christina while everyone else knew it was you who wanted to go out with her.

3. A student, one day, really left with the door

LOL. “Take the door. » And hop that I unhinge it.Have you ever tried to unhinge a door? It takes forever and weighs tons. Unless the student in question is a bodybuilder and is 35 years old in 9th grade, all this seems to say the least implausible.

Top 8 school urban legends that we all believed in, "he seems the guy he...

4. The history teacher notes on the stairs

First step: 0. Last step: 20. Convenient not to get bored with the copies. Finally, the history teacher still has a kind of built-in shock absorber to successfully put annotations in the margin while climbing stairs.

5. The CPE was placed there after a reprimand

Since no one really understood what the CPE was for, logic dictates that his position should be semi-fictional. So, if we consider that civil servants are not transferable but that we cannot leave blamed teachers to take care of children, we quickly connect the dots: the position of CPE was created to relocate teachers completely dummies who have been blamed for mistreatment. No wonder she asks you for your correspondence book, mean as she is.

Top 8 school urban legends that we all believed in, "he seems the guy he...

6. It’s nonsense philosophy, once, a copy corrected by 50 teachers received grades ranging from 0 to 20

The Student took the test with a philosophy paper marked 14. The marks fluctuated between 6 and 13, but almost all were around 12. Overall, if there is a program, there is a marking grid. But it’s cool to feel misunderstood when you pick up a big sheet on “Is the note objective? “.

7. If the teacher is more than 15 minutes late, we can go home

We don’t really know where this urban legend comes from, but it has been around for a long time and today’s teenagers still firmly believe in it. We counted the minutes patiently and the teacher always ended up arriving 13 minutes after the bell.

Top 8 school urban legends that we all believed in, "he seems the guy he...

8. If the teacher loses the papers, he has to give us all 20

Yeah yeah. And if you don’t come to class, he has to put you in doubt. And if ever you’re not looking for a job, we have to find you one. Yeah yeah. Get ready for a big fat second check if the teacher loses the papers.

The best thing is therefore not to end up at the door in class, nor with an exclusion because we got caught saying that the maths teacher was sleeping with the lady from the CDI, to work on his philosophy and his maths and to wait quietly to become an adult to do what we want.

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