Top 8 Rich Things We All Do When We Have No Money

People who are really rich can buy anything they want and we would like to do the same but unfortunately it is not possible to spend a PEL a day when you are a normal person. So we listen to stories from rich kids and window shop to imagine what it would be like to be shielded. After a while, it becomes a habit and you don’t even realize it.

1. Look at ads in the windows of real estate agencies

Every time you walk past a real estate agency, you’re drawn to the ads in the window like a wasp in a lame wasp trap made out of a bottle of water and syrup. You look at all the overpriced apartments and all the huge houses that you will never be able to buy and say to yourself “Yeah, too bad there is no swimming pool” when the house costs more than a million euros and is the size of a hypermarket.

“Me, looking at $900.00 houses with $76 in my account: funny decor choice but ok”

2. Fill baskets online at 600€

All the teenagers who grew up with online stores have already created wishlists filled with clothes while dreaming that someone passed by and bought everything. You spent hours filling baskets that exceeded a thousand euros knowing full well that you had 23€ in your wallet.

Top 8 rich things we all do when we have no money

3. Stroll through flea markets looking at Louis XVI armchairs

You have no more room in your small apartment, you have no more money in your bank account and you have no strength to carry furniture to your home. And yet, you stroll through furniture flea markets admiring the pretty 18th century armchairs that are far too expensive.

4. Living in inner Paris

Only very rich people can afford to live in huge apartments in Paris. Most Parisians live in small apartments for which they pay far too much and as it has been so for ages, everyone finds it normal. What a foot to live in the city of light.

Top 8 rich things we all do when we have no money

5. Take train tickets at the last moment

Every time you go away for the weekend, you wait until the last moment to buy your train tickets when you know very well that it will be far too expensive. The day before, when you see that the Paris-Rennes is 80 bucks one way, you regret bitterly and you take a crap with Jean-Michel who loves chatting at 7am.

6. Go to bars without looking at the prices

From time to time, we allow ourselves to sit on the terrace blind, without knowing how much the pint or the Gin Tonic will cost, and we have the impression of being rich. Except that when we see that even the coke is at 6€, we are very sorry; but we pay all the same because we don’t want to pass for a fat stingy.

Top 8 rich things we all do when we have no money

7. Follow all the big luxury brands on Instagram

You know very well that you will never be able to buy clothes from Dior or Chanel. Or bags for that matter. Not even a small key ring. But you still follow all the big brands on social media so you can marvel at the beauty of haute couture. Maybe someday…

8. Wanting to be generous on birthday pools

When your best friend organizes a party for his birthday, you participate in the kitty (grand prince) generously by putting 40 euros and you find that quite normal. Except that a week later, another friend celebrates his birthday and the next day, there is a parting party. After a while, you have a little trouble being generous and you realize how nice it must be to be rich.

Top 8 rich things we all do when we have no money

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