Top 8 rich people who have a clear idea of ​​money, it’s hard at the end of the month

If you’ve ever been given the advice of the rich to save money and the tricks to save money (and it’s not the same advice) we forgot to point out that at times, some rich people have such a notion money in real life that they decide to teach us a good lesson, just to stop complaining a bit, because they know better than us what a small salary is.

1. Patrice Laffont and his tiny retirement

The former TV presenter from Fort Boyard recently declared that with 3500€ per month, he had ” a tiny retreat“. So small that in fact he is afraid of ” die in the street “So he is on the straw. I’m not going to lie to you, after shedding my little tear I directly opened an online kitty to help him.

2. Jacques Séguéla Act 1: The rolex

The famous advertising friend of Nicolas Sarkozy declared in 2009, wanting to come to the aid of his friend president/convict who was accused of having a somewhat flashy lifestyle that ” if at 50, you don’t have a Rolex, you still missed your life“. A lesson in wisdom that he however regretted shortly after, but it’s a story in two acts, you’ll see the rest, it’s even better.

3. Jacques Séguéla Act 2: the savings of the homeless

Six years after his release on the rolex, good old Jacques decided to put the cover back on his quote: “ It meant that life is a dream, that you have to dream of everything. The Rolex is a symbol like any other and I could have said a Ferrari, a Bic pen, whatever, a cult object that we want. Even if you are a tramp, you can manage to put aside 1,500 euros. We have the right to dream name of God! »

Too bad Jacques, you were on the verge of making a success of the apologies, it’s stupid it didn’t come to much.

4. Emmanuel Macron and the suit

It was in 2016 in Hérault, Emmanuel Macron was then taken to task by a striker who told him that he was buying suits with his money, to which the president replied: ” You’re not going to scare me with your T-shirt: the best way to afford a suit is to work“. So, in fact, it’s not completely false, but you still have to have a job, and above all the pay necessary to buy the costume.

Top 8 rich people who have a clear idea of
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Arno Mikkor, EU2017EE Estonian Presidency

5. Danièle Obono and MP salaries

In 2018, the deputy of the rebellious France declared vis-a-vis Jean-Jacques Bourdin that “the deputies could have the means of lodging if they had a sufficient allowance to do it”. As a reminder at the time, the deputies received an average allowance of €5,150 per month and in addition they benefit from support of €1,200 per month on the rent in Paris, as the newspaper recalls. Capital. What do you want me to add to that, it speaks for itself I think.

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Photo credits (CC BY-SA 4.0): Jérémie Silvestro (If you can improve the development of this photo, ask me for the RAW.)

6. Julien Dray and the increase in MPs’ salaries

Attention, we arrive on the solid: the deputy Julien Dray who rebounded on the Fillon affair proposed to fight against corruption among the deputies… to increase their salary. Yes. Yes yes. ” Allocate €9,000 net per month to parliamentarians and €3,000 for miscellaneous expenses.“. So we still have someone who offers to pay people more so that they stop embezzling money, that’s the solution that seems the most logical. Wasn’t sentencing those who did it easier?

7. The LREM deputy who “eats a lot of pasta”

A former CEO who became a deputy (so paid more than €5,000 per month, we recall) declared in 2017 anonymously in a newspaper that the drop in her salary was dramatic because: “ I go to restaurants less often, I eat a lot of pasta. I pulled clothes out of the cellar and I’m going to have to move“. Just so you know, no it’s not a quote from Causette in wretched.

8. François Bayrou and “the middle class”

We no longer need to introduce François Bayrou, who draws slaps faster than my uncle. In 2021, the gentleman said during an interview about taxing the rich to get the country back on track during the health crisis “ you have to know what you mean by the richest. 4,000 euros per month, for me, it’s middle class“. As a reminder, the median salary in France is €1,940, less than half the cost.

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