Top 8 reasons to watch the Sandman series, be careful not to fall asleep

This is the mid-summer surprise arrived on the platform netflixthe adaptation of the cult comic book Sandman considered unsuitable but whose adaptation is cool and which allows thousands of people to discover the particular and strange universe of the master of dreams. We give you a few reasons to watch the series, keeping us safe from spoilers otherwise it’s not funny and not nice, two things that define Manuel Valls.

1. Because it’s generally quite faithful to the comics

In general, the story is quite faithful to the comics, unlike Walking Dead that you have to read the series so much it’s shit. Concerning Sandman, there are quite strange changes at times on the treatment of the characters and the scenario, but the main lines of the first volumes are more or less respected and the universe too, which is a good sign.

2. Because there are also big changes compared to the comics

And then you say to yourself “but he’s completely stupid, he just said it was faithful and then he says it’s different” and you’re not wrong, I’m stupid. However, there are bound to be differences that come from the fact that the comics are quite disjointed and difficult to connect at times, a rhythm that would have been difficult to pass to the image if we had scrupulously respected it, which means that the changes are quite well thought out.

3. Because it’s pretty well done

On the technical side now it was the aspect that could be very scary, in the sense that the comics are full of characters and different universes (hell, desert, antiquity, small patch of minstrelsy) which would require substantial financial means to put them in picture. But we must admit that it is rather faithful and that even if certain special effects are a little cheap, it remains completely honorable.

4. Because the cast is very cool

Here too it was the big scare but we must admit that everyone there is rather convincing and is doing well. The Tom Sturridge does the taff in the role of Morpheus without showing any emotion and special mention for Boyd Holbrook who makes a Corinthian as awkward as he is attractive, not to mention the voice of Patton Oswalt who doubles this good old Matthew.

Top 8 reasons to watch the Sandman series be careful

5. Because it’s visually promising

Based on the series The Witcher for example, we can say that in terms of special effects the first season was a little disgusting but that, seeing its success, Netflix decided to inject more money into season 2. By following this trend, if Sandman works well during its first season we can hope to see a season 2 come out with more resources, which would please a lot of people, especially my neighbor who is not doing very well at the moment.

6. Because it can make a lot of people want to read comics (and that’s good)

If the series introduces the comics to even ten people then it will already be successful. On the other hand it is better to warn you, it is not necessarily super easy to read since it often goes all over the place and that it can sometimes be difficult to know if there is a “general history” but it is necessary going to the end of the trip is clearly worth it, like a weekend in the Perche.

7. Because comic book writer Neil Gaiman was heavily involved in the adaptation

When an adaptation is mouldy, we generally feel sorry for the author of the original work because he didn’t deserve so much shit on his work. But when he is heavily involved in the adaptation, we can at least say that he is responsible for the decisions taken, which is clearly happening with Sandman and haters can’t say much since it’s the author himself who decided everything.

8. Because if no one watches it will be canceled (like 99% of Netflix series)

And that I can tell you that would hurt my balls, because if Netflix uses the money that I give it every month I like it as much to produce Sandman only to produce Map Heart or filming Gad Elmaleh shows. But that’s my opinion huh.