Top 8 reasons to remove VAR, this atrocity

We started in 2012 to introduce technology into refereeing with the goal-line Technology, and we went downright crazy in 2016 when the VAR (Video Assistant Referees) was tested during the semi-final of the European Cup. FIFA Club World. Since 2018, this technology has become more and more widespread, until it was used for all Champions League matches during the 2019 season.

The VAR had to bring peace, calm the fans and above all protect the referees. Unfortunately, it does more harm than good. From now on, when a referee makes a questionable decision, his opponents can throw images in his face that they interpret differently.

Platini said it well: “VAR is shit”, and we’ll explain why.

1. It was supposed to “facilitate” the work of referees

To begin with, certain actions are verified and others are not (already it starts badly) and as we know, the final decision rests with the central referee. So this poor guy (or girl) has the heavy decision to interpret images which, because they are images, are necessarily supposed to be true (and everything that is subject to interpretation is necessarily subjective).

In short, in theory referees no longer have the right to make mistakes. But if there is one thing that is human, it is error. The referee being human, he can also make mistakes.

2. She slows down the game

As we know, one of the main problems with VAR is that it breaks the action. We are fully in a match, and there the referee decides to use the VAR and the images will be reviewed 10 times for sometimes more than 5 minutes (which seems to last an eternity). The rhythm is broken for the players, the supporters and the viewer. All these pretty people patiently waiting for a decision, which will sometimes change the course of the match.

3. It gives one more reason to take it out on the referees

As said in point 1, the VAR did not make the work of the referees too much easier, on the contrary it put them in even more trouble. We reproach them either for not having used the VAR for an action, or we do not agree with their interpretation while shouting at the same time very loudly “referee paid!!! “. Whatever they do we’re going to hate them because there always has to be someone to hate. Leave the referees alone please…

4. No one likes turnarounds (well, we don’t like that in football)

Today we learned to be patient before shouting (or crying, it depends on the situation) when there is a goal.

It’s very complicated to manage your emotions, especially in sport, and we remember very well the celebrations of Guardiola and all the Mancunian supporters just before they were eliminated in the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2019 against the Spurs, for an offside. We thought City would win with a decisive goal scored in the last moments, but after checking, the City striker was offside, just a few centimeters (a hard blow for the team).

The VAR plays with our hearts, we come close to a tachycardia crisis each time it is used.

5. Even the pros complain about it

Lukas Brus, the secretary of the International Football Association Board (a rather important person) said: “If we spend several minutes trying to see if there is an offside or not, it means that this is not is not clear and obvious, and the original decision should prevail”. I repeat but the “ORIGINAL decision should prevail”. Anyway Platini also said it was crap, and Platini is ALWAYS RIGHT.

6. Because it costs a blind

Again, Platini said when he was UEFA president in 2013 “it is out of the question to invest 50 million euros over five years”. Because yes the VAR is also about thirty more cameras, a system of screens and a lot more qualified personnel to use it. Inevitably, this system will create disparities between the different footballs in the world, because not all leagues will be able to afford it. VAR was first used in England for the first time in the Premier League in the 2019/2020 season, and although the costs are only estimates as the regulations do not specify anything, they would be around 12.26 million pounds over the season.

So the VAR, in addition to being relou, costs the skin of the derche.

Top 8 reasons to remove var, this atrocity
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Klearchos Kapoutsis from Paleo Faliro, Greece

7. There is no point in intervening too much in football

The VAR offers a surgical correction of the foot, which takes away a little from the spectacle and the spontaneity of the sport. Its detractors find it too bureaucratic, because yes, the beauty of sport is also its mistakes and twists.

8. Anyway, we like to complain

In short, you will have understood it, it is also a lot because we like to complain that we hate the VAR. In reality, it’s a technology that works but has its shortcomings, a bit like everything in the end. During the PSG-Angers match in Ligue 1, Gérald Baticle spoke about the refereeing error of the match and the penalty awarded to PSG: “There is frustration. And even anger. I am in favor of VAR because it corrects 80% of errors. But when you’re in the uncorrected 20%, it hurts. It’s very hard for my players. Obviously, the VAR was able to see the hand, but not the fault on my defender at the start of the action. And then on the first goal, my video technician found an angle in which we see that Mbappé is offside. It is therefore doubly difficult to cash. You see, even Baticle who suffered directly from VAR, continues to say that he is in favor of this system, and the fault will in any case always lie with the referee who takes the decision and not with the means used.

Yes I give a boost of hope after having criticized the VAR for 7 points but you always have to know how to question yourself (that’s the real wisdom).

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