Top 8 reasons to go see Ben, a comedian from GÉNIE

Hello my little biscuits

, as you know we love you talking about our favorite comedians. We’ve already served you our selection of comedians to discover in 2022 but also the best sketches of 2021. Launched as we are on our way, we weren’t going to let you miss out on Ben, Cédric Ben Abdallah of his real name, which we have been following for a long time and for good reason: his shows are each time of a renewed flavor. This fourth one-man-show, written and directed with Thibault Segouin is no exception to the rule.

So that’s enough, you’ll immediately take your tickets for the Lepic Theater here.

: Where are the crackers going to dance? At the biscotheque. GO BAH NOW THAT IT’S SAYED WE CAN START READING THIS TOP SERENELY.

Eco-sensitive as he presented himself then on stage, he however totally departs from the usual clichés on ecology to give a damn about the concept of growth above all and frankly it’s cool to see real funny stuff that talks about ecology without being silly. 2. His humor is unlike any otherIf he was able to collaborate with the greatest (one thinks among others of the indescribable François Rollin, but especially of Arnaud Tsamère with whom he shares the poster in the show

), his humor is unique. “King of the absurd”, he says he is also capable of handling a “more traditional humor” which can also be called a “shitty humor”. What a complete man. What a man. What.

Can I say that I watched the show only in the hope of seeing it? Yes maybe. Is that reason enough to judge me? It depends if you’re a sworn judge.

The story of tilapia, you know? This poiscaille, which is often found shared with Basmati rice, is one of the most overexploited species in the world. It’s great, the guy sees a documentary, he does a sketch of it, he makes us laugh like whales (or talapias, if that’s for you) and we learn all about the economy of tilapia, this “fish of dirty water “. Well not everything. But good a little. Finally here is what we come out of there really less stupid. In any case, we don’t get out of it any more stupid.

Ben’s gimmick is to start a sentence and yell at the end, without anyone really knowing why. Impossible not to laugh. This sketch is the physical, physiological and also philological proof.

OK it dates from 2008 which in cybernetic time corresponds to a leap in the past of several millennia. But I assure you it’s still just as stupid. And also good.

7. His show is called “It rained a lot” and until proven otherwise it’s a good title

A title that obviously reminds us that we have to take our tickets.

8. We don’t understand anything about this guy’s career, which makes him all the more likeable

Passed by the essential Jamel Comedy Club and On ne demande qu’en rire, he is also a subscriber of Vivement Dimanche (not the most hyped program of the bam but at the same time when you have the chance to work for an immortal person like Drucker, we don’t give a shit), passed by France Inter, Europe 1, we also saw him in Short and we find him in a package of French comedies of a sometimes suspected quality. And I don’t even mention the fact that he was born in Nanterre. In short, I like this hair-raising eclecticism. I would like Ben to present the 8 p.m. news, and write a Que sais-je? on tilapias to add strings to his bow.


(I would add that the price of his show is abnormally low for the quality of the animal, limit you can take two places per person it remains totally acceptable.).

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