Top 8 real tricks of crevard to save money, it’s ugly but it works

It is human nature to want to have everything (or at least as much as possible) while spending the least (or even nothing at all if the opportunity arises). The bastard will tend to scoff wildly at laying the burden of his own expenses on others; the crevard, on the other hand, will live more like a selfish Robin Hood, ripping off the rich in the name of his own comfort. And he will develop combat techniques to achieve this. If you ask yourself these kinds of questions, we have a test to know if you are stingy here and a top of the proofs that your guy / your girl is stingy here.

1. Create lots of accounts on delivery or taxi apps by self-referring

It’s not very complicated, especially since there are a number of websites that allow you to have a free phone number on which to receive confirmation text messages. As almost all the apps offer 15 euros to the sponsor and the sponsored during the first order of the last, we can therefore self-sponsor ad vitam aeternam and never pay anything again. Were you warned that these techniques were dishonest?

Top 8 real tricks of crevard to save money, it's ugly but it works

2. Send mail without postage and putting the destination address on the “sender” insert

We write an address at random on the front but, as the mail is not franked, it will never arrive at its destination. On the other hand, the Post Office will be required to return it to the sender: therefore, if you enter the address to which you wish to send the mail in the insert reserved for the sender, the latter will end up receiving the letter without that it cost us a single penny. Well if you take an increase or a tax it’s good for you huh.

3. Turn your first prize chardonnay into champagne

There are two techniques. The first is to use a siphon, pour the chilled egg white into it and make it gaseous. Then, just pour it into the discreet cups and you’re done. The second is more complicated, since we reproduce the process of champagne producers, adding the day before, yeast in the white. We put in the fridge and the next day it’s gone, we have the field that we can quietly pour into a bottle of Ruinard to give the change.

Top 8 real tricks of crevard to save money, it's ugly but it works

4. Demagnetize used metro tickets

So technical bastard attention: once the ticket has passed through the machine, do not wait a second and immediately erase the inscriptions in purple ink before it dries (a finger and some drool are generally enough). Even if the ticket looks like new, it is validated and therefore there is no risk during the journey since in case of control we will be in good standing. But in the evening, it will suffice to pass any magnet several times over its magnetic strip to demagnetize it. All that remains is to go to the counter, complain that his new ticket is demagnetized and ask for a replacement. That’s the job. Yes, it’s bad.

5. Pretending to buy a single cigarette

They are hundreds every day to throw themselves headlong into this comedy. And that I put my hand in my pocket to take out 1 euro and buy you a cigarette. And that I really insist, no, I want to buy it, not to be given all that stuff. In all my life I have never seen a single person accept the euro or refuse the cigarette. Or how to smoke for free and as much as you want.

6. Watch movies at the cinema by hiding in the hallways

It takes a little skill, but it’s really doable in multiplexes. Even if it means paying 12 euros for a seat, you might as well see two films. To do this, nothing could be simpler: we sit at the back of the room, not far from the door. A few minutes before the end of the film, we get up as if to go to the toilet (you have to get up before the employee comes to watch the entrance. Then we go back to the corridors and we can very easily go see another film without that no one notices.

Another technique to pay nothing at all is to wait for the exit of the previous session, which very often arrives directly on the street precisely to prevent spectators from returning to the corridors. It is therefore enough to rush into the corridor, to wait a few minutes for the flow to flow and for the spectators of the next session to enter the room to join them casually.

Top 8 real tricks of crevard to save money, it's ugly but it works
Picture credits: Topito

7. Never pay for a festival ticket again

We can’t say we’ve tested it for you, but Vice has. The journalist had fun disguising himself as a construction worker and/or a worker with a badge and/or a catering employee to enter the site for free without ever being checked and it worked very, very well. Afterwards you have to assume the clothes, what.

Top 8 real tricks of crevard to save money, it's ugly but it works

8. Why pay for delivery when you can avoid it?

On most commerce sites, delivery is free from a certain amount of purchases, but returns are free. To avoid paying shipping when you want to spend less, just add items, place orders online, pay for them, then return all the stuff you bought just to reach the minimum amount. It’s a bit boring but 10 bucks saved here and there, it’s worth it.

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