Top 8 people who were saved by a TV series, we owe them their lives anyway

Maybe you thought that watching series all day long and stuffing yourself with fat until brain death ensued was bad for your health? Well yes, you are right. Except that sometimes it can also save lives. So keep an eye out, the series can save your life.

1. The Simpsons

Little Alex Hardy, then 10 years old, ate in the canteen like any child of his generation enrolled in the canteen of his school. Except here it is, Alex goes fast, Alex doesn’t take the time to chew. His sandwich stuck in his throat. Everyone tries to make him spill the beans in vain. Fortunately his friend Aiden Batemane was able to save him by applying the Heimlich method, a first aid gesture he had learned about in the series. “Homer lightning” 17th episode of season 3, Homer chokes on a donut and a poster then explains the maneuver. Like what, watching the Simpsons can save lives.

Top 8 people who were saved by a TV series

2. Grey’s Anatomy

Not that all medical series are stronger than doctors, but sometimes they put the chip in the ear (but you can extract it afterwards with tweezers so that’s fine). In this case Sarit Fishbaine, a young woman full of life but above all a young mother in the midst of breastfeeding feels a small lump in her breast which the doctors then analyze as milk. Except it was actually a tumor. And if our dear Sarit Fishbaine had not seen the episode featuring exactly the same situation, she could have waited a long time before worrying about her little tumor.

Top 8 people who were saved by a TV series

3. Doctor House

A German patient was plunged into serious health problems, with inflammation of the esophagus, fever and the onset of blindness AND deafness. In short, the guy was rotting inside. And he had to come across a fan surgeon of the series to be saved. Indeed, the patient who had just had hip surgery and therefore had an abnormally high cobalt prosthesis, which was the cause of this poisoning. He therefore changed the cobalt prosthesis for a ceramic part.

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4. The Walking Dead

Do you realize? The series that counts the most deaths (counting the zombies) would also be at the origin of a life saved? Well yes. Kevin Sutton is living and thrilling proof of this. As part of an operation to educate the general public about the living conditions of the homeless, he experienced sleeping on the street. One evening he witnesses a violent argument which ended in gunshots. Our good Kevin arriving at the crime scene came face to face with a man with a bullet in his stomach. Already he was able to manage the first aid gestures but also put pressure to stop the bleeding while waiting for the arrival of the emergency services. According to him, these gestures would have been gleaned from the series. But he forgot to specify which episode. So we’re screwed, we can’t know and we can never save anyone.

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5. American Horror Story

In 2015, Boston Children’s Hospital began a somewhat special partnership with a Hollywood special effects company to which we owe all the special effects of the horror series. In order to confront his students with the most realistic situations possible, the make-up artists were responsible for designing surgical models with blood pressure, and all the necessary content inside. In short, plastic fake humans. So of course the link with the series may seem distant but in reality not at all since the creators of special effects have committed themselves to this partnership with a real desire to exchange between their know-how and the medical usefulness that it could have .

6. Larry and his navel

Juan Catalan didn’t have a pot. His brother was sent to prison for armed robbery and the only witness who accused him was murdered. So inevitably, Juan Catalan arrived at the top of the list of suspects. Fortunately, he had an alibi from hell: he and his daughter were attending a Dodgers game. He had all the evidence at hand and was even ready to take a lie detector test to prove his good faith. But that was not enough, the surveillance camera extracts were untraceable and the tickets inconclusive. So what to do in this unfair situation? Well it turns out that during the game, the crew of the Larry David series was also filming an episode (the one where Larry hires a prostitute to accompany him to the game). And stroke of luck, we find in the episode a miniature plan of Juan Catalan and his daughter eating a hot dog. Well, we still had to wait 5 months to exonerate the poor guy, but here’s another proof that film shoots must always be squatted.

Top 8 people who were saved by a TV series

7. Mythbusters

As a reminder, this Déglingo show, which ended in 2016, was hosted by special effects specialists and aimed to deconstruct the myths of cinema by answering questions such as “Does diving in water protect you from bullets? ? », « Can a ceiling fan decapitate a person? or “Can you get out of a car underwater?” “. And it was the last question that saved a mother, Theresa Booth and her baby from sinking in their car in the middle of a lake. Theresa Booth thus remembered that to get out of a sinking car you have to enter a very short moment when the car is totally submerged and when the pressure outside becomes equal to the pressure inside to open the door. Even if the two were able to get away with it, it is not worth reproducing this experience at home, for example in your bathtub with a tricycle.

8. Emergencies

When she had just divorced, Angela Cooper thought that her stress was the cause of her memory loss, her violent migraines and her regular tongue biting. In short, she was not worried about the masses about her strange condition. Then one evening in front of an episode ofEmergency room she realizes she has all the symptoms of brain cancer. After confirmation from the doctors and a heavy chemotherapy treatment she was finally able to survive a cancer that would normally have eaten her up in a short time.

Personally, I was saved by the series Yes yeswho taught me how to cross the road correctly at the green light.

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