Top 8 of the most generous bosses, those who are really nice

There are a lot of horrible bosses, you can easily imagine them smoking big cigars while swimming in pools of money like Scrooge. In truth, nobody does that because it’s physically impossible but also because there are nice bosses. You do not believe me ? Just read this top to find out the truth.

1. The owner of a campsite refuses an offer of 40 million euros

Roger Pla is the 73-year-old owner of a luxury campsite on the beach near Perpignan. He started thinking about his succession a few years ago, but the man has no direct heir and the inheritance tax is 60% for an “indirect” heir. He could not therefore transfer the campsite to his collaborators who would have been obliged to sell it to pay the rights, thus dismissing the employees of the establishment. Roger Pla categorically refuses to sell to the first comer because he is worried about the fate of his employees, he even refused a very attractive offer: a pension fund wanted to buy his establishment for 40 million euros. He finally found a solution: to create a foundation to help underprivileged children go on vacation and preserve the coast. What a classy guy.

Top 8 of the most generous bosses, those who are really nice

2. Mutual insurance at Airbnb

We all know that the price of care is a huge problem in the United States, hospitalization costs the price of a barrack on the beach and everyone thinks that’s normal. So when the boss of Airbnb set up 100% company-paid insurance for all employees, they were really, really happy.

3. Unlimited vacation and parental leave galore for Virgin employees

In 2014, the founder of the Virgin group could have been elected best boss of the year. He announced that for one year, employees could take as many holidays as they wanted (this is already the case in many clubs in France but it is less common in the United States). A year later, it introduced a year of parental leave for each new parent working at its headquarters in London and Geneva. Nice when you see that parental leave is not accepted in many countries.

Top 8 of the most generous bosses, those who are really nice

4. An accessible CEO who makes dreams come true

Shondaland is a production company (Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal) created by Shonda Rhimes, a CEO who is really nice with her employees. Already, she makes sure that everyone feels good in their workplace by getting to know each employee and being very strict about everyone’s good behavior. And then there’s the fact that she likes to take risks by hiring young, inexperienced writers based solely on their ideas.

5. The Shake Shack boss cuts out tips

Daniel Meyer is the boss of a group called Union Square Hospitality, which owns restaurants like the fast-food chain Shake Shack. In the United States, waiters are very often paid with tips (and therefore very poorly paid) but Daniel Meyer has decided to change that. He abolished the tipping system in his restaurants and compensated by raising prices so he could better pay waiters.

Top 8 of the most generous bosses, those who are really nice

6. The CEO of Linkedin offers his annual bonus to his employees

We suspect that the boss of Linkedin is not to be pitied, he must already be swimming in money. However, it is quite rare to see very rich people refuse more money; yet that is what Jeff Weiner did. In 2015, the CEO of the company decided to donate the 14 million dollars of his annual bonus to his 9,200 employees. We dare not imagine his salary if he can refuse 14 million bonus but it is a nice gesture.

7. A tranquil seminar in France for Tiens Group employees

Li Jinyuan is a Chinese billionaire and the CEO of Tiens Group. In 2015, he decided to offer his 6,400 employees a 4-day stay in Paris to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. It was necessary to reserve hundreds of hotels in Paris and Cannes as well as buses so that everyone could move. France had never welcomed such a large group of tourists and the company even managed to obtain the privatization of the Louvre. The class.

Top 8 of the most generous bosses, those who are really nice

8. Topito Bosses

It’s still nice of them to pay us to write nonsense on the internet.

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