Top 8 of the marriage proposals of the most farted stars, it already smells of divorce

Imagine, you are friends with the worst celebrity couples, you attend their lame marriage proposals and you have to attend the catastrophic weddings of these celebrity couples. Before long, they ask you to move in with them, and you spend the rest of your life lamenting in the hot tub. So if one day you are asked if you would like to be introduced to known people, say no, you will not have to be afraid of the consequences. Me that’s what I did when I was asked if I wanted to sit next to Megan Fox in first grade. Today, I do not regret my choice.

1. Megan Fox and Gun Kelly drank each other’s blood during their engagement.

In terms of awkwardness, we have reached a good level here with two people who have decided to seal their future union by sipping each other’s red blood cells. Apparently AIDS is invited to the wedding. It must be said that the last time someone proposed to her, Megan Fox lost her engagement ring in the sand about 2 minutes later. Conclusion, do not try to ask Megan in marriage, it will always turn out badly.

2. Kevin Guedj displayed a giant photo of his couple in Times Square in New York during his marriage proposal to Carla Moreau

If you want a little intimate request with your +1, don’t pair up with someone from reality TV, or you risk finding your face displayed in front of thousands of people in the middle of the street, like Kevin Guedj the did to ask Carla Moreau in marriage, which also took several episodes of the Marseillais, just to multiply the discomfort. Askip, even the cameraman wanted to hide.

3. Pink asked Carey Hart to marry her while stepping out of the signs while competing in a motocross race.

In 2006, singer Pink decided to propose to her beau, Carey Hart, by holding up signs at a motocross race he was taking part in. Carey Hart not being sure of what he had seen the first time (at the same time, he was doing Ys at the wheel of his bike, not easy), he had to check on the second lap if he had read it correctly, and could see Pink holding up another sign saying, “This is very serious!” “. I think the girl doesn’t have her ASSR2 to do such a thing, but hey, apparently there are some who have a taste for danger since Carey Hart said yes. Remind me never to ride in a car with them.

4. Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose threatened Erin Everly with shooting herself if she didn’t say yes to his marriage proposal.

Big atmosphere at the engagement of Axl Rose and Erin Everly, since the singer of Guns N ‘Roses proposed by threatening his girlfriend to shoot herself in the head so that she agrees to marry him. She said yes before calling off the engagement a month later. No one is surprised and frankly, we tell ourselves that she did not miss anything. What are these manners after all?

5. Yvan Attal asked Charlotte Gainsbourg to marry him as he received the National Order of Merit medal

In 2013, when he received the medal of the National Order of Merit, Yvan Attal, who had drunk a little too much, made a speech to the assembly to proclaim his love to those close to him, asking Charlotte Gainsbourg if she wanted to become his wife. So horrible that Charlotte Gainsbourg hid behind her wall without answering to escape the embarrassment that invaded the room. Even for all the ham rind in the world, I would never wish to experience this moment in person. Even on video, it’s already too much.

6. Kristen Bell asked Dax Shepard to marry her by tagging him on Twitter

The two actors had promised to wait for the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States to get married. So as soon as the law passed, Kristen Bell tagged her little guy on Twitter to ask him if he was okay with them being together for life. He blocked her. Naaaan, that’s wrong, of course he answered yes by quoting his tweet. Way too connected.

7. Raymond Domenech asked for the hand of Estelle Denis live just after the elimination of the blues at Euro 2008

Worst timing for Raymond Domenech who chose to ask Estelle Denis to marry him after the France team lost in the first round and France cried all the tears in their body. The guy tried to console himself as best he could and we understand that. At least, there is one who was able to score goals…

8. Seth Rogen asked Lauren Miller to marry him while she was getting changed.

The Freaks and Geeks actor was so nervous about having the engagement ring on him that the minute he received it, he thought he had to propose right now. So he went to find Lauren Miller upstairs in her house. Except that the latter was topless, changing in a closet. But that didn’t stop Seth Rogen from popping the question anyway. The story does not say if he put the ring on her nipple.

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