Top 8 of the greatest mysteries of the oceans, it’s freaking good

It seems that we know better the soil of the Moon than what is in our oceans. However, the oceans are still the largest part of our small planet. It’s a little bit more important than the Moon, and it’s even one of the greatest reserves of mysteries that we know. Every year, we discover crazy things. Stuff that we can’t even bring rational explanations to. Look, here are some examples of the biggest ocean mysteries we’ve ever faced, and each one would have taken the equivalent of an Apollo 11 mission to solve. Just that yes.

1. The Bermuda Triangle

Impossible to talk about the mysteries of the oceans without mentioning the ultra-famous Bermuda Triangle, this area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean where lots of planes and ships have mysteriously disappeared. It is estimated that about 4 planes and 20 boats disappear each year on average in this triangle off the Caribbean, which has necessarily led people to develop theories, each more outlandish than the next: abduction by extraterrestrials, door leading to another dimension, or even simple curse. The reality is a little less fanciful since scientists claim that, on the one hand, the figures about the Bermuda Triangle are exaggerated, and that, on the other hand, accidents are due to human error and complicated weather conditions. in this area. There would simply be a lot of storms, whirlpools and waves of several tens of meters in the area, and, inevitably, it does damage. But nothing prevents you from believing that the extraterrestrials have a grudge against this geographical area if you feel like it.

2. The Minerve submarine

La Minerve was a French submarine launched in 1962 which sank in 1968 with 52 crew members on board. The mystery ? Nobody knows what happened. All that can be said is that the weather was very bad when La Minerve was carrying out its last planned exercises before returning to the port of Toulon, and it is therefore the thesis of the accident which is favoured. Some also mention a possible collision with a boat or a malfunction of the submarine, but, to date, we still have no certainty about what happened. Afterwards, this disaster wouldn’t be a real beautiful mystery if it weren’t accompanied by its usual conspiracy theories: at the time, there was talk of a Soviet attack and even of the involvement of extraterrestrial lasers which would have been hidden by the government. It’s up to you to form your own opinion, but it’s still hard to see why the little green men (or purple, after all why not) would have attacked the French submarine in particular.

3. The ghost ship washed up on the Irish coast

On February 16, 2020, residents of the small fishing village of Ballycotton, Ireland, were surprised to see a 77-meter-long cargo ship run aground on their shores. Even more surprising, there was absolutely no one inside, and for good reason: in fact, it was a Tanzanian freighter abandoned 18 months earlier. Her crew, leaving Greece for Haiti, had been rescued following damage off Bermuda, and the boat had drifted before it could be towed. Nobody knows exactly what route he has followed since or how many storms he has weathered before ending his race on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in Ireland. A priori, there is no ectoplasm to report inside, but this story is still pretty crazy.

4. The Mary Celeste

In the “ghost ship” category, the Mary Celeste is one of the most mysterious stories. It is an American ship that left New York and was found off the Azores on December 4, 1872 without its crew. The case is all the stranger as the ship was only slightly damaged and its cargo of alcohol almost intact. There was therefore no reason for his crew to have left. The enigmatic nature of this disappearance was therefore accompanied by its share of more or less preposterous explanations: crew mutiny, pirate attack, giant squid attack, and even a supernatural mystical event linked to the Great Pyramid of Giza. . Suffice to say that we released everything and anything to try to shed light on this big mystery.

Top 8 of the greatest mysteries of the oceans, it's freaking good
Photo credits (Public Domain): Unconfirmed, possibly Honore Pellegrin (1800–c.1870). This speculative attribution is suggested in Paul Begg: Mary Celeste: The Greatest Mystery of the Sea. Longmans Education Ltd, Harlow (UK) 2007. Plate 2

5. The Jian Seng

Want another ghost ship story? Alright, here’s the one Jian Seng, an 80-meter-long tanker of unknown origin found unmanned in 2006. It had been spotted adrift off the Australian coast by an Australian aircraft, and searches for it failed to determine the reason for the accident. disappearance of the crew. On the tanker, no sign of violence or illegal activity to deplore, nothing at all. It is still unclear who was in command of this ship or what route it took to get there. The enigma seems insoluble.

6. The Carroll A. Deering

Come on, another little ghost ship for the road. Afloat for only a year, the Carroll A. Deering embarked on a journey in 1920 to bring a cargo of coal from Puerto Rico to Rio de Janeiro. On August 26, 1920, her captain fell ill and was disembarked. Another captain and a new mate are recruited quickly, and the boat resumes its journey to Rio, a city it will indeed reach (yes, be patient, problems are coming soon). Only, in Rio, the second, who got drunk in a bar, complains about the captain in public. According to him, he has to do all the navigation because the captain has poor eyesight, and that annoys him. In short, the two men do not get along, they even argue, but take to the sea together for the return trip.

During this journey in the opposite direction, the Carroll A. Deering communicated to another ship that they had lost their anchors in a storm but continued on their voyage only to be spotted a few days later adrift of their intended course. On January 31, 1921, the Carroll A. Deering was eventually found stranded at North Carolina, abandoned by her crew. On board, the personal belongings of the sailors had disappeared, but food was found ready to be eaten, as if the crew were about to sit down to eat. Nobody knows what happened, but a few months later a bottle containing a message presumably written by the ship’s engineer was found in the sea. The message seemed to point to a pirate attack , but it was later proven to be a forgery written by the fisherman who had supposedly found it and wanted to lather up. We therefore do not know what really happened, between a possible mutiny, a pirate attack or a meteorological phenomenon. And, of course, as the boat had passed through the Bermuda Triangle, some smart guys say without flinching that that’s where the crew disappeared. We will probably never know.

7. The Bloop, the unidentified sound at the bottom of the ocean

During the summer of 1997, the United States Agency for Oceanic and Atmospheric Observation (NOAA) repeatedly recorded ultra-low frequency sound in the ocean, at the level of South America, without ever being able to determine its origin. This sound was baptized “Bloop” and we still wonder today about its origin. The most probable thesis is that of an iceberg quake, but the sound profile of the Bloop strongly resembles that which could have been emitted by an animal of gigantic size, much larger than a blue whale. Some therefore think that there could be an animal like a huge giant squid that could have produced this sound, but it remains unlikely. For a change, there are always some fanatics to attribute to the Bloop an extraterrestrial origin. They have good backs the extraterrestrials anyway.

8. The Baltic Sea Anomaly

In 2011, Swedish treasure hunters noticed an anomaly in the images sent back to them by their sonar in the Baltic Sea: if we were to believe the device, there was an object of unknown origin and certainly not earthly which rested at the bottom of the sea. A kind of Millennium Falcon 60 meters in diameter submerged. The discovery of the century, therefore. The same researchers therefore wanted to return to take images of the object but said that their equipment had refused to work near the anomaly. Inevitably, everyone took up the info without even going to check the veracity of the words of the Swedes and shouted at the discovery of a UFO. In the end, it is probably a simple geological phenomenon due to serendipity, but not a hidden alien vessel. Pity.

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