Top 8 of the fates of the actors of Grand Galop, the best series in the horse riding department

Hello wooooooorld… THIS IS MEEEEEE! If you recognized these words and especially if you know the rest, then you are among the real ones, that is to say those who have watched the best TV series of the 2000s, of which Grand Galop is obviously a part since it was one of the series that we loved watching when we left college. Today, the series has aged well (in the sense a lot, not in the sense correctly, to my great regret), so we wondered what had become of Carole, Lisa, Stéphanie and all the Pine Hollow clique . Instant nostalgia, be ready.

1. Lisa Atwood

Of the trio of girlfriends, Lara-Jean Marshall (33), who played Lisa, kept some of her fame following the end of the series. Now a semi-influencer on Instagram, she continued a small acting career, mainly in Australia, playing in 2013 in the series The Doctor Blake Mysteriesamong others.

2. Carole Hanson

Little Keenan MacWilliam (33), who played Carole, has grown up well. She is currently a director and creative director and works on numerous cinematographic and artistic projects. She has also worked on many works and creations for brands like Apple or the New York Times. On the other hand, she has zero changed her mind, completely shocked.

3. Stephanie Lake

Sophie-Maude Benett (33), who played Stéphanie, almost completely stopped acting at the end of Full gallop, struggling to bear the pressure in the film industry. She still played in 2012 in the Australian series Seven News. Today, she mainly devotes herself to the creation of content and in particular to her Youtube lifestyle channel and works in parallel as a director and producer in Toronto.

4. Veronica di Angelo

So there, I must admit that I had a hard time getting news from Heli Simpson (35), who was playing Veronica’s little pest at the time. But my stalking skills allowed me to dig up some news for you. After his career in Full gallop, Heli Simpson has completely stopped the cinema. After working for a bit as a house sitter, she qualified as a doctor and now works at Mercy Hospital for Women in Melbourne, Australia. She was also part, for several years, of a troupe of comedians called “Boss Octopus”.

5. Kristi Cavanaugh

Kia Luby (32), who played Kristi, Veronica’s best friend, also dropped acting at the end of the series. If she acted in movies like Molly in 2016, she now works as a marketing manager. She has also done animation on TV sets and is involved in Riding for the Disabled Association, a riding club for people with disabilities.

6. Max Regnery

Brett Tucker (49), who played Max Regnery, the young bg owner of Pine Hollow, is certainly one of the only actors in Full gallop to have had a real acting career following the end of the series (probably because he was older too). We have thus been able to see him in small roles in series like NCIS, Atypical Where Castle. He currently plays Lucas Ripley on the show. Grey’s Anatomy: Station 19and even did the voice of Singed in the recent series Arcane. Yeah, it’s not too gross yeah.

7. Mrs. Reg

Catherine Wilkin (71), who played Elizabeth Regnery, the mother of Max Regnery, was already an actress before Full gallop and continued his career. Her last performance was in 2013, when she played Gran in the movie The Weight of Elephants. She also acted several times at the theater in different plays.

Top 8 of the fates of the actors of grand galop, the best series in the horse riding department

Catherine Wilkin in 2006 in McLeod’s Daughters

Picture credits: Shortland Streets

8. Phil Marsten

Ok I admit, maybe I had a crush on Glenn Meldrum (35 years old) when he played Phil, Stéphanie’s guy in Full gallop. Glenn Meldrum is the one who followed the cinematic path the least of all the actors in the series. He worked as a photographer, booking agent, driver, dog walker and taught English in Germany before moving to Canada. Today, he is a law clerk in Australia. It throws less than jumper, that’s for sure…

Top 8 of the fates of the actors of grand galop, the best series in the horse riding department

Glenn Meldrum as Phil in Grand Galop

Picture credits: ABC TV

9. Bonus: George Whiteside, the vet

Well then?? Wouldn’t that be Thor with fifteen years younger who plays the somewhat mims veto of Full gallop ?? Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Full gallop, it is clearly the series that launched the career of Chris Hemsworth. I tell you.

Top 8 of the fates of the actors of grand galop, the best series in the horse riding department

Mashallah the Vet of the Hollow Pine

Picture credits: ABCTV

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