Top 8 of the coolest moves of Mark Zuckerberg, our friend to all

In a few years he became one of the most influential men on the planet by creating an internet giant more powerful and richer than some countries. But who really is Mark Zuckerberg? It’s clearly not me who’s going to answer that question since I’ve never met him, but I can at least tell you about some of his most sympathetic and inspiring actions, something usually done by big bosses who have a Linkedin account.

1. Kindly ask Meta employees who do bad work to quit

This is his last cabriole, his new nugget. Faced with less encouraging figures from Meta in 2022, Mark Zuckerberg literally made his employees understand that they had to judge themselves on their work and make the decision to leave if they did not feel they were performing well enough in their position. Self-selection, the future of the start-up world as we dreamed of it.

2. Kill all the animals he eats

Those days may be over, but at some point in his life Mark Zuckerberg only ate meat that came from animals he had killed himself. The CEO of Twitter had therefore told how he had gone to eat at his friend’s a goat dish that Mark Z had stumbled with a tazer and a knife. I’m not telling you the state of the kitchen when he makes a triple meat tacos.

Top 8 of the coolest moves of mark zuckerberg, our friend to all

3. Having spun the private data of millions of users to a start-up to influence votes

The scandal of Cambridge Analytica is probably his most sympathetic action: he basically gave permission to nab the personal information of 87 million users of Facebook to a so-called science start-up that actually used all of this to influence people to vote for certain 2014 presidential candidates. That’s a damn fine phrase.

4. Stating that Facebook could have prevented the war in Iraq right after the Cambridge Analytica case

This one had to be released without shame and he did: basically Mark Z had said that if Facebook had existed around the time of the start of the war in Iraq, it would have been prevented thanks to people on social networks, presenting himself as a platform for freedom and the common good in the face of an event that cost the lives of millions of people. All this just after the scandal of Cambridge Analytica of which we have just spoken.

Top 8 of the coolest moves of mark zuckerberg, our friend to all

5. Show your support for Puerto Rico in a beautiful way at the Metaverse Pitch Party

You may not know it but when he presented his new project Meta, Mark Zuckerberg made a big video presentation during which we saw him projected in virtual reality in many places including Puerto Rico. Only small problem, this territory was at that time affected by a hurricane, which went quite badly with public opinion as you can imagine seeing him waving and laughing in the middle of a flooded city. A good proof that the metaverse is a failure.

6. Her somewhat unusual marriage contract

The famous creator of Facebook also has a right to his private life and he likes it to be organized properly, as revealed by two rather strange clauses in his marriage contract: his wife must reserve at least 100 minutes for him a week so that they can see anywhere other than in his apartment and in the offices of Facebook and they must both have at least one date per week. Frankly, it’s sadder than anything else to have to have this signed. And at the same time look how happy they look in this vacation photo.

7. Be very simple with people who rent him a house for the holidays

Everything is simple with MZ, so much so that when he rented a holiday home with friends he gave the owners a short list of requirements so that everything went well. Very specific but quickly achievable requests such as changing absolutely all the furniture in the house before their arrival with new stuff, hiring a waiter and a cook for almost every guest, scrubbing everything in the house with disinfectant products and remove all animals present from the perimeter of the house. All this should be in the basic requirements of Airbnb in truth.

8. Simply call people who trust him using his “big ass” network.

It’s the kind of little scandals that hurt, a few years ago people dug up a chat of Mark Zuckerberg talking to a mate in the early days of Facebook. In the chat he said that people trusted him and his network to share personal and private stuff just before calling those people (and therefore all of us) dumb fucks for trusting him.

Top 8 of the coolest moves of mark zuckerberg, our friend to all

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