Top 8 of the biggest teacher dumplings, it’s a shame…

It’s not just students who make mistakes, it also happens to teachers, because life is a lesson, and a good one. Thus we can go into ecstasies in front of certain errors of teachers in the bulletins or say to ourselves that we could have fallen on one of these teachers more messy than the students, which helps to put into perspective certain teachers we had in our younger years. So we’re going to show you some teacher dumplings, the mistakes that put you to shame.

1. The teacher whose dog ate everyone’s homework

It’s become such a clichéd excuse that it has no chance of working, but imagine if it’s not the student but the teacher who comes back by taking this out? It happened. And it’s so dumb it’s funny since it’s absolutely true.

2. The teacher who ate with her transparent mask in the canteen

How to pass for a con? By forgetting to take off his transparent mask before eating and not giving a damn all over his mask. It’s stupid but it must be said that it gives her a little trouble in front of the kids in the canteen.

3. The history teacher who taught his seniors the wrong curriculum.

Imagine you arrive on the day of the baccalaureate history exam and you realize that the subject of the exam was not in your program. It happened to students this year and they ended up having a good time, but probably they will have a second session or something like that since it was the fault of the teacher who had not changed his program and who damn shame.

4. The teacher who let the class fish die

It’s an additional responsibility, you have to manage the students but also the animals in the class, and it can happen to do stupid things about it. A primary school teacher therefore completely missed his second mission in the sense that the three fish in the class died. What traumatize the kid.

5. The teacher who sent an angry email to his students when everyone was online

An American college professor showed up in his classroom before seeing that he was obviously all alone. He sent a super angry email to all his students to tell them that it was stupid not to come before realizing that they were simply having online classes and that everyone was waiting for him. A bit unfortunate.

6. The teacher who accidentally set fire to a book on National Book Day

By trying to cover the lens of the projector (without turning it off) with a book, a teacher managed to accidentally set it on fire during a lesson when it was National Book Day. And you, how is your day going?

7. The science teacher who thawed sheep’s organs without knowing it was going to spill blood everywhere

Suddenly when arriving the students probably thought that there had been a murder in the classroom, not to mention the terrible smell that it must have spread everywhere. That being said, it also teaches students to clean up and that’s not a bad thing.

8. The teacher who forgot to mute his microphone during break and told his students he was preparing for “a bitch exam”

The thing with the microphone and the activated webcam really freaks you out because you think that there can be a stupid slip-up very easily. And then it happened, everyone heard and therefore probably revised well.

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