Top 8 of the biggest strokes of luck in the history of humanity, the chaaaaance

Unlike the least lucky people in history, some people accumulate the strokes of luck and have wonderful lives. I envy them. Because me in life, I shit ok? So when I see people having luck after luck, well it pisses me off, I say it. Well, I’m happy for them huh. But I have hatred. So if anyone wants to throw me a blessing to wish me luck, feel free.

1. An Aussie won $250,000 and a car after coming out of a coma

Bill Morgan can consider himself blessed by the universe. In 1988, the man was declared dead following a heart attack during which his heart stopped beating for 14 minutes. Finally resuscitated by the doctors, he was plunged into a coma for 15 days. A year after his release from the hospital, Bill Morgan scratches a ticket to play and wins a Toyota Corolla worth $30,000. Already not disgusting.

But his luck does not stop there. When journalists interview him and ask him to reconstruct the scene for the cameras, Bill Morgan buys a new ticket which he scratches… And wins $250,000. We want to cry with him when we see the video.

2. A Texan woman has four times won millions of euros in the lottery

Joan Ghinter, an American residing in Texas, has one hell of a pussy (and I’m not talking about genitals). In 1993, she played the lottery for the first time, using her diploma in statistics to choose the numbers, and won 4.8 million euros. In 2003, she played again and again won 2 million euros. It’s starting to work, you’re going to tell me. But that’s not all because in 2006 and 2008, she won 3 and 8.9 million euros respectively. Hello, we would like private lessons in statistics please.

3. A man regained his sight and hearing after being struck by lightning

You won’t believe this story, and yet it is true from home, as true as my name is Élise in real life. In 1980, Edwin Robinson, 62, blind and deaf after a serious truck accident, leaves his house to walk in a nearby field. But surprised by the rain, he hides under a tree and is struck by lightning, and yes.

Unconscious for 20 minutes, he wakes up and goes to take a short nap to recover from his emotions. When he wakes up, he realizes that he has regained his sight and hearing. Yeah, I know, it’s hard to believe but his doctor confirmed his recovery and explained that if Edwin Robinson was still alive, it was thanks to the rubber soles he wore.

4. Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge escaped death twice

In less than five months, the cyclist has been luckier than anyone in his life. On March 8, 2014, when he had to go to Beijing on Malaysia Airlines flight 370, he canceled his ticket at the last moment. It was good for him since the plane disappeared, probably at sea, and is still untraceable today.

The miracle was repeated on July 17, 2014, when Maarten de Jonge again canceled a plane ticket, this time on flight MH17. And he once again did well since the plane crashed between Ukraine and Russia. We would find it almost suspicious as much luck.

5. A music teacher survived several tragedies and won a million dollars.

Frane Selak, a music teacher in Croatia, first survived the derailment of her train in a river in 1962, then a plane crash by falling into haystacks in 1963, then a bus accident in which he was in and ended up in a lake in 1966, then two car accidents in 1970 and 1973, and even a collision with a United Nations truck on a mountain road in 1996. Nice track record already.

But his lucky star was confirmed when he won a million dollars in the lottery two days after his 73rd birthday. Frankly, we don’t even have the words to express our admiration.

6. A monk escaped his death sentence because his executioner was struck by lightning

In the 17th century, Nichiren, a prominent Japanese monk of the time, was sentenced to death by the country’s authorities for having written a prophecy deemed subversive. But Nichiren narrowly escapes his beheading when his executioner is struck by lightning raising his sword. Good after, he was released in somewhat weird circumstances but that’s not really what interests us.

7. A Norwegian escaped a meteorite fall while parachuting

This story still looks fake but since it was filmed, you won’t be able to mess with me in the comments. In 2014, while parachuting, Anders Helstrup saw a meteorite heading straight for him and therefore narrowly escaped a major tumble. His video is on the internet and scientists are interested in this story. A geologist finally confirmed that a meteorite had indeed exploded 20 kilometers above Anders Helstrup during his jump. That’s a corner of your mouth, huh?

8. Those who find a nice apartment on the first try with not too bad rent in Paris

No but seriously, what is this cuckold chance????? Tired of it, always the same ones who recover everything serious!

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