Top 8 of the biggest childishness of political figures, seriously?

Political figures are not altar boys and they know it very well. We hear every day about new political blunders or punchlines of political debates and very often, it does not fly very high. Very often, these personalities also stoop to childish underhandedness that makes us want to sigh very loudly and never hear from them again.

1. The Balkany make photomontages worthy of college students

In April 2022, Patrick and Isabelle Balkany are summoned to appear for a case so childish that it is hard to believe. They are suspected of having released a photo montage showing the face of David-Xavier Weiss, one of their political opponents, on the body of a naked man in the middle of a sexual act. Of course, the couple deny being behind the montage, but frankly, who would believe them?

2. Zemmour displays Le Pen which he finds too tolerant

In March 2022, Zemmour posted a photo of Marine Le Pen alongside a young veiled girl and accompanied this post with a dubious emoji. It’s obviously scandalous and absurd, but nothing surprises us more when it comes to him.

3. Putin mirrors Biden

In March 2021, Biden replied in the affirmative to a journalist who asked him if Putin could be called a “killer”. To this, Putin replied “whoever says it is” and added “We will defend our own interests and we will work with them on terms that will be beneficial to us”. It has the merit of being clear.

4. Macron treats Zemmour as an old deaf man

During the Zemmour meeting in March 2022, phrases like “Macron assassins” were heard in the public, but the far-right candidate assured that he had heard nothing of the sort. Macron therefore replied that Zemmour was perhaps not aware of one of the reforms of the quinquennium, the reimbursement of hearing aids by social security, and that he should equip himself at a lower cost.

5. Dati tells Hidalgo to quit crack

At the Paris Council in November 2021, we had the impression of watching a 5th grade student who tries in vain to make his presentation under the mockery of the class. We are not surprised to see Rachida Dati behave in such a childish way, but the “Must stop crack huh” was really abused.

6. Morano thinks he’s smart with racist punchlines

It’s been a long time since anyone took Nadine Morano seriously, yet she continues to pollute the Twittersphere with her racist remarks and ridiculous punchlines. It’s so pathetic that there’s nothing left to answer.

7. Macron is offended that his spelling is taken back

In August 2019, the G7 summit was held in Biarritz and Macron and his team obviously traveled for the weekend. The CNEWS team followed the president and while he was rereading one of the speeches, we can hear him suggest to his advisers to add an S somewhere. His whole team then replies “no” and Macron, obviously upset, becomes cold and quickly changes the subject. Do not take the fly like that Manu!

8. Trump takes revenge on a journalist by tweeting mean things about her for 6 months

In 2015, when Donald Trump was a candidate for the Republican primary, journalist Megyn Kelly did not hesitate to criticize the future president on his uninhibited misogyny by asking him: “You call the women you don’t like” fat sows », « female dogs », « disgusting animals »… Do you think it is worthy of a man who is running for president? “. Trump didn’t like it and spent the next six months insulting the journalist on Twitter.

“I can’t call Megyn Kelly a bimbo because that wouldn’t be politically correct. So I’ll just say she’s a junk journalist! »

Top 8 of the biggest childishness of political figures, seriously?

If you don’t think you’re mature enough for your age, tell yourself that you have room.

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