Top 8 movies that were shot in one take, the extreme sequence shot

There are people who like to challenge themselves, and I’m not talking about bullshit challenges like the ice bucket challenge or that kind of shit, I’m talking about real challenges. That’s why in the cinema we had the honor of being able to watch the hardest scenes to shoot because some people broke their heads a little to impress us. And then there are those who really don’t mess around, people who have shot a complete film in one take, without cheating, which we suggest you see right away.

1. The Russian Ark (2002)

Experimental project that promises to follow a guide in a Russian palace in Saint-Petersburg who presents several scenes that required nearly 300 extras and actors. Four years of preparation to film the project which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival at the time. Sacred technical prowess the brothel.

2. 20s (2022)

This film retraces the very first deconfinement of 2020 in the streets of Paris by following several characters who wander around. Passing through many emblematic places in the city, the character gallery speaks and shows moments of life from a particular era that we have all experienced.

3. Time Code (2000)

Watch out big brothel: Mike Figgis, the director of this strange experimental film has decided to film four 90-minute scenes simultaneously and edit them in split-screen. It gives a film that you have to watch with great attention and several times to grasp all the details and it is very frankly original.

4. Blind Spot (2018)

This Norwegian film shows a mother who tries to take care of her mentally ill daughter but who quickly realizes that she had underestimated the seriousness of her disorders. The strong point of the film is the acting of the two actresses who are clearly incredible. We strongly advise you to see it, you won’t come out unscathed, like after seeing the film Asterix and Obelix at the Olympic Gamesbut that’s mostly because it was crap.

5. Lost in London (2017)

Not only Lost in London was filmed in one take, but it was also broadcast live in cinemas. Directed by the very sympathetic Woody Harrelson who stages himself for the occasion, the film shows him living a funny evening being chased by the police for a totally stupid reason.

6. Victoria (2015)

This German film, which is presented as a real-time thriller, plunges us into the end of an evening in a club that degenerates. Most of the dialogue was improvised and there were even a few issues with real bystanders during filming. This gives a film that is not only intimate, but above all extremely immersive, two adjectives that go just as well to describe a camera used in colonoscopy.

7. Utøya: July 22 (2018)

If you remember the horrible story of the shooting that occurred on the Norwegian island perpetrated by Anders Breivik, this film in sequence takes place during these events. The director spent a long time interviewing about 40 survivors to shoot a film that was as close to reality as possible, which inevitably results in something disturbing, but which received positive reviews.

8. The Chef (2022)

What could be better than a sequence shot in the kitchens of a restaurant? Lots of stuff I admit, but in reality it doesn’t look too bad and it’s with Stephen Graham that you saw in Snap and in This is England, so already it must be well played. A kind of episode of Top Chef but without Glen Viel.