Top 8 mistakes we all make with our suitcases, the ones that ruin all our trips (in…

Let anyone who has never experienced a suitcase galley throw the first wheel at me. To avoid this and have the best vacation possible (that’s all I wish you, you deserve plenty of rest), here are some tips to follow that will save you a lot of problems throughout your journey. Tested and approved by the suitcase stretchers community in France.

1. Take a suitcase that is too heavy when empty and does not correspond to any format

Depending on the material of the suitcase (rigid or soft) that you choose to purchase, you will have to pay attention to the empty weight of your suitcase, as this will affect the weight of what you can take on a trip with you. But more importantly, before spending your PEL in an all-chrome suitcase, you have to take care of the dimensions, because the airlines often do not have the same formats. It is therefore necessary to break the ass to compare everything to see what size passes with the majority of companies, yes.

2. Overloading your suitcase

Already, you should know that suitcases that are too heavy are more likely to be roughed up by airport staff: try carrying a 30-kilogram suitcase 200 times without batting an eyelid, you’ll see that it’s not easy. As a result, to limit the hassle, people who take care of too heavy luggage will be more likely to throw it away anyhow so as not to break their backs. No need to fill your suitcase to the brim unless you really want it to end up in 3,000 pieces.

3. Forgetting to take a picture of its contents before leaving

I don’t wish you to see your suitcase disappear in a baggage carousel on the other side of the world (even more so if this suitcase contained your cuddly toy). But just in case! It is better to plan by taking a photo of what your suitcase contains to show it to the insurance in order to obtain a real refund. Even if the loss of your cuddly toy can never be reimbursed…

4. Put your cabin suitcase in the hold if you don’t need it

Already, we will agree, if you are only going for a weekend, or even a week in a country with a climate similar to yours, there is no reason to put your cabin suitcase in the hold. But even if you are offered to do it for free, it is better not to accept, because you will avoid possible abuse and loss between two flights. You will have been warned.

5. Put dear or precious objects in it to travel in the hold

If we rely on the previous point, it finally seems a bit logical not to put valuable stuff or stuff that we really care about in a suitcase that could end up 3,600 km from home. Grandma’s urn is in the cabin baggage and that’s it.

6. Put her on her bed to undo her

We can never repeat it enough but among the tips against bed bugs to follow, there is the one that says that you should never, oh never, unpack your suitcase on your bed. This would indeed allow the bed bugs that are there to make their merry way to your stake. Also, don’t leave your clothes on the floor in hotels and don’t put your coat on the bed when you’re invited to someone’s house. You will thank us, we promise.

7. Take a simple black suitcase

The best way to never find your belongings is to have a simple black suitcase, without a luggage tag that no one will be able to distinguish. To avoid, once again, losing it, do not hesitate to go on the original suitcases. Even if it means investing in a suitcase with your head printed on it. That, no one should steal from you.

8. Too many jeans in it

Indeed, it’s tempting to have several pairs of jeans to spend a dry holiday with a healthy lifestyle, but in this case, choose pants. Because the material of the jeans weighs heavy, and therefore the more you multiply it, the more you lengthen the total weight of your suitcase. Afterwards, you do what you want with your clothes, but if you want to bring this little swimsuit “just in case”, you will have to make a choice.

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