Top 8 mistakes we all make with our moisturizer

But if there are many mistakes I can’t stand, it’s the mistakes we make with our moisturizer. Pull yourself together damn it.

1. Put cream on dry skin


Everyone. That’s what we’re here for.

Okay, so let’s start with the basic mistake we all make: spreading cream after vigorously drying your skin. It’s bad. Indeed the cream will penetrate better on damp skin, so somewhere you spoil your cream a little by applying it on 100% dry skin. Be careful not to do the complete opposite by applying your cream to wet skin, which doesn’t work either. You have to find the happy medium, the right balance, a bit like in life in general.

All you have to do is create your own cream:

2. Apply it with great vigor and violence

When you put on cream, and you don’t like yourself too much, it happens that you act in haste and rub your skin brutally, insulting your reflection in the mirror. Don’t fucking do it, respect yourself. The cream will work best when applied gently and in circular motions. Do not hesitate to kiss your reflection afterwards because we need a little love in this world.

3. Use any cream


Yes I know, it may sound crazy but there are punks who use creams without really knowing what they are putting on their face. Like, for example, to name just this ingredient, they put creams with paraffin.

Yeah I know it’s shocking, might as well get soda all over your face. In short, paraffin isn’t so much that it’s toxic, it’s mainly that it gives the illusion of hydrated skin when in fact it’s not at all. So watch what you put on your skin please.

4. Thinking you don’t need cream because you have oily skin

“No, but wait, don’t tell me that there are people who actually think like that? »

Yes Clothilde. There are. And yes they are wrong. Should they be put in jail? No Clothilde.

Still, people with oily skin must also apply cream, but they must adapt the choice of their cream to their skin type.

5. Put cream only on the face

Until proven otherwise, we have skin all over the body and not just on the face, so it’s normal to apply cream everywhere. Naturally on the neck, the torso, but also the legs, the buttocks and the back of the knees.

HOWEVER, and you certainly expected it, we don’t use the same cream for the face and for the body. If we even push the envelope a little far, we should use different creams for each part of the body to be moisturized.

6. Keeping the same eight-year-old tub of cream

The boring thing with cosmetics is that we always have too many and so rather than finish one, we let 25 pots rot (YES 25 POTS). Error. Creams also have a shelf life. And the worst part of all this is that when they die they don’t benefit from any ceremony… In short, it can go from 12 to 24 months so try to respect these deadlines.

7. Use a nourishing cream instead of a moisturizer

Some naive people might think that “nourishing” and “hydrating” mean the same thing. But I can say of a ratatouille that it is nourishing, but not that it is hydrating. On the other hand, I cannot say that a moisturizer is nourishing. Finally Yes. But in fact when it is moisturizing it is not necessarily that it is nourishing. In short, I digress.

Apply a moisturizer to maintain your skin. We put on a nourishing cream only when our skin is dry. Putting nourishing cream on just dehydrated skin will lead to rotten reactions like blackheads, excess oil and nuclear explosions in some extreme cases.

8. Plunge your face into your plate of carbo pasta

If this practice is very pleasant, it is however not recommended to moisturize your skin.

Top 8 mistakes we all make with our moisturizer
Picture credits: Topito

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