Top 8 mistakes not to make with your deodorant, we learn a lot of things

If, like me, your armpits stink to the point of scaring away the neighborhood, you obviously use a maximum of deodorant; and this summer and winter. The problem is that you don’t necessarily pay attention to what’s inside and to the recommendations for use. Luckily, we’re here to give you tips and tricks on how to use your deodorant more efficiently and avoid dying of cancer caused by filthy chemicals. No no, don’t thank us!

1. Some components are very toxic in the long term

If you scan the barcode of your deodorant, you might be surprised to find a whole bunch of harmful stuff in the composition. In spray deodorants there are propellant gases such as butane or propane which are very bad for the body and for the environment. The deodorant may also contain aluminum salts and parabens suspected of being endocrine disruptors (which disrupt the hormonal system).

2. A component can be natural AND dangerous

We always hear that “if it’s natural, it must be better”. We quickly forget that we also find poison in nature and certain components of deodorant are part of it. Alum stone is often touted for its natural benefits, but used daily it can become harmful. Indeed, this stone contains aluminum which has been recognized as toxic by scientists.

Top 8 mistakes not to make with your deodorant, we learn a lot of things

3. Do not apply deodorant in layers

With a roll-on deodorant, we tend to apply several layers of deodorant when it is completely unnecessary. Deodorant is only useful when put on dry, clean skin, so don’t put it on in the middle of the day if you’ve already put deodorant on in the morning. Normally, one layer is enough, no need to go over the armpit several times with the ball.

4. Putting on deodorant when you’ve already sweated is useless

If you sweat in the middle of the day and pretty halos start to appear on the t-shirt, you say to yourself, “hey, I’m going to put on some deodorant”. The thing is, deodorant is only effective when applied to dry skin. Ideally, it is therefore to evacuate the perspiration with a damp paper towel or a washcloth and to dry yourself afterwards by dabbing with a dry towel. Then, we can put deodorant serenely.

Top 8 mistakes not to make with your deodorant, we learn a lot of things

5. Know the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant

Deodorant is already not ideal for the well-being of your body, but what is worse are antiperspirants. These products work to tighten the sweat tract to completely prevent sweating. The thing is, sweating is useful, it doesn’t just exist to piss you off. It helps to keep your body at the right temperature and to evacuate toxins.

6. Do not forget to match the smell of the deodorant with that of the perfume

Lots of people wear perfume every day and sometimes you feel there is an inconsistency in the smells. If your perfume and your deodorant have strong smells, it could be a problem for everyone you meet during the day.

Top 8 mistakes not to make with your deodorant, we learn a lot of things
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7. It is advisable to put on deodorant before going to bed

If you shower at night and not in the morning, it’s best to put on deodorant after showering and before going to bed. According to research, odors develop the most at night and as mentioned before, it is always more effective to apply deodorant to clean, dry skin.

8. NEVER put deodorant on mucous membranes or a freshly shaved area

It seems obvious, the deodorant is made for the armpits only. So we don’t try to put it in our underwear like teenagers in American movies because it’s SUPER IRRITATING. Don’t wear it either if you’ve just shaved or waxed, even alcohol-free deodorants can irritate the skin.

Top 8 mistakes not to make with your deodorant, we learn a lot of things

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