Top 8 mistakes not to make with tea, we say that for your health

Tea for some people is a bit like water but better (I’m not making this up, it’s literally the most consumed drink in the world after the fleet). In the UK alone, tea drinkers will consume 2.5kg of tea each year (3kg in Ireland damn it). But apart from the fact that there are a lot of boring sides to being around tea drinkers, do we really know the good methods of consuming this plant? Obviously not. This is why it was high time to look into this subject full of fluorine.

1. Take tea bags rather than loose tea

On the one hand, know that tea bags are part of everyday objects made from petroleum (sympaaaa) but the worst is that they are due to an error. Basically, tea bags were used only to introduce customers to tea, the latter had to empty the contents into hot water and not dip the bag directly into their cup. In short, the tea bag is an aberration of nature caused by stupid people.

2. Only drink smoked tea

I talk to my community about the souchongoss lapsang in the room. Smoked tea is nice but its aromas are very powerful, by getting your palate used to this kind of aroma you will have the impression that other teas have no taste, so it is to be consumed sparingly. Or with whoever you want.

Top 8 mistakes not to make with tea, we say that for your health
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3. Consuming powdery looking tea

Let me explain. There are many cheap teas full of pesticides. One of the ways to recognize a good tea is when it still has whole leaves and not broken or powdered leaves as you can see here:

Top 8 mistakes not to make with tea, we say that for your health

4. Do not drink too hot tea

Even if it’s our main motivation to have a hot cup in our hands, it’s rather not recommended. On the one hand, inhaling vapors can be bad for your nasal passages (but you really have to sniff the vapor like a pig which, until proven otherwise, is not an extremely widespread practice). Then, tea is a plant and if you stick too hot water on it, you will simply burn it, which will give it an unpleasant bitterness.

In reality there are recommended temperatures for each tea (if you buy tea from people worthy of the name, this kind of information is indicated): 80° for green tea, 60° for white tea, 90° for black tea and 100° for infusions. In short, if you have a classic kettle, do not let it go to a boil or your tea will be ruined. And then remember to check the mistakes not to make with your kettle because otherwise you will never get out of it.

5. Eight centuries should not be infused

Indeed, eight centuries is far too long, it would mean that people who made themselves a tea in the 12th century could only start drinking it now, really stupid.

3 to 6 minutes should be enough, 10 minutes for an infusion.

Top 8 mistakes not to make with tea, we say that for your health

6. Drink tea while eating

I imagine that you, like me, drink plenty of tea, for example, during your breakfast… Well, that’s a GRAAAAAAAVE mistake. Alright, calm down, that doesn’t mean you’re going to die. In fact, tea, although a healthy drink, will reduce iron absorption during digestion by 70%. But iron is something quite useful for our body. This is why it is recommended to leave one hour between the ingestion of food and the tasting of tea. I don’t know about you, but for me it totally fucks up my morning routine.

7. Drink tea before bed

Wow but you are real phew where do you do that from?? It’s even crazier than people who drink coffee before bed. These are exciting drinks (and I’m not talking about their holding) that will increase the rate of your pulse and your nervous system, clearly not a good plan to fall asleep quickly.

8. Use already boiled water several times

It’s not because we all do this that we have to continue on this path. Boiled water is for single use. The volatile compounds in the steam will fall to the surface of the water once it cools, making the water toxic. So for tea or whatever, we skip it and just boil the water we need.

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