Top 8 mistakes not to make with eggs, let’s stop walking on eggshells

Eggs are good. But eggs are also full of dangers and mysteries. So maybe as an enlightened person you know he is now preferable mandatory to consume eggs marked 0 or 1 (2 and 3, you will do me the pleasure of going your way), but that certainly does not prevent other terrible mistakes. Like the mistakes we all make with power strips, here are the mistakes we all make with eggs (and not eyes, because they’re two different things).

1. Put them in the fridge

What an idea to put the eggs in the fridge when they are very well in the cupboard, cool. Okay so if you don’t have any closet and it’s 40 degrees, I’m not saying. But in principle the eggs do not need to have a place in the fridge. Especially since the shell is porous, the eggs take on the taste of all the rotten food forgotten in the vegetable drawer and that’s not very appetizing.

Top 8 mistakes not to make with eggs, let's stop walking on eggshells

2. Consuming broken eggs

It’s good to be anti-waste but in real life, you never take a risk with a cracked or broken egg. Even if you cook it for a very long time, it’s not. Go to the trash can without wasting a minute.

3. Wash your eggs before cooking them

When you buy small eggs, sometimes they are a little crassou. But don’t be mistaken, better than clean eggs and don’t rinse them to have a shiny shell. In fact, this shell is very porous so by washing it, you will on the contrary make the bacteria penetrate into the egg and expose you to the risk of salmonellosis. BAH SUPER THANK YOU THE SOFT-BOOLED EGGS SO IF WE GO THAT WAY.

Top 8 mistakes not to make with eggs, let's stop walking on eggshells

4. Break it on the edge of the pan

This again has to do with the bacteria present on the shell of the egg. Popping it on the rim sticks bacteria in the pan. Eh yes ! In fact the best way to crack an egg is flat on the counter. It’s scary, but it’s the only real perspective.

5. Using the wrong cooking oil

Imagine you are making fried eggs. Imagine you put on walnut oil. No, but then I don’t even know where to put myself in the face of so much madness. Well yes, oils are not all in the same boat when it comes to cooking and some even turn out to be carcinogenic. Butter or olive oil is the best option.

Top 8 mistakes not to make with eggs, let's stop walking on eggshells

6. Put salt on the eggs during cooking

No, but enough of your craziness now. By committing this serious imper, you will dry up the yolk of your egg. He’s going to be all shrunken, and your fried egg will have a melted face of Donald Trump.

7. Cooking a hard-boiled egg too long

“The hard-boiled egg is very practical, you can boil it without worrying about the cooking time. » sometimes declare some people completely evaporated. Well no. A hard-boiled egg is 11 minutes full stop. Beyond that, the egg will have a rubbery texture and the yolk will be dry. You thought you could boil it for how long like that?

8. Throw away your eggs as soon as you have passed the use-by date

Okay calm down, we didn’t tell you to go eat eight-year-old eggs. But like most foods, you can eat an egg a few weeks after its expiry date, for that nothing could be simpler, just dip it in a bowl filled with water beforehand, if the egg floats it means that it’s good for the dumpster, if it sinks to the bottom, you can eat it. If he starts swimming the front crawl while giving you the middle fingers, adopt him and send him to Harvard.

Can you imagine if the people who stole eggs, really stole oxen?

Sources: Le figaro, Oh my mag

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