Top 8 international celebrities who were born in France

We had already told you about these celebrities who were not born where you think, but we have a new game for you: international celebrities who were born in France. Finally it’s not really a game since you can only read, you are not an actor in the thing, and above all there is no real winner or thing to win. So it’s just a classic top.

1. Emma Watson

Well, this one is pretty well known, and I’m not just talking about the actress, but about the fact that she was born in France. She was even born in Paris in the Marais, we don’t do more French. Well after she left for five years to live in England to know the glory of the Harry Potter films, which is beautiful because in France apart More beautiful life there’s not much waiting for him. Afterwards she wasn’t very focused during filming as she didn’t help spot the many mistakes in the Harry Potter movie.

2. Frank Darabont

The famous creator of the series walking dead but also film director The Mist, The escapees and The green Line was born in France in Montbéliard, land of sausage. His parents were political refugees who arrived from Hungary in transit before going to the United States where little Franck continued his life.

3. Elizabeth Debicki

This Australian actress you may have seen in the series The night manager with Tom Hiddleston, in Gatsby the magnificent or just in the movie tenet was born in Paris. She then moved to Australia at the age of five, well, she didn’t do it alone like that with her little suitcase, it was her parents who moved with her.

5. Jade Jagger

The daughter of the famous singer Rolling Stones Mick Jagger was born in Boulogne Billancourt before living in the Chelsea district of London. Then she studied art in Italy and it was very nice. Anyway, I say that, I don’t know, I’ve never studied there myself. Fun fact, Jade Jagger was a mother and a grandmother the same year in 2014 at 42 years old.

6. Richard II

It always sucks when you’re King of England to be born in another country, especially France. And then in addition we still talk about being born in Bordeaux, it’s still not next door in England. However, this did not prevent Richard II from reigning over the land of pudding for 22 years, not bad for a Frenchman.

7. Emma Mackey

You know her especially if you have seen the series sex-education but in a while it will probably be a planetary star. Well, I don’t know. Anyway, Emma Mackey was born in Le Mans in the Sarthe where people eat rillettes, dress in rillettes, move around in rillettes and nevertheless speak French. By the way, did you take the test to find out which Sex Education character you are?

Good after if we are honest they still quickly pulled out of France. If you’re homesick and want to see good ones from home, there are also French stars who hate each other, it’s definitely worth a look.

Source: IMDB, Wikidata.

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