Top 8 Hangover Cures Throughout History

The gdb (or veisalgie as people say who want to make themselves interesting but who are not really interesting) is one of the greatest evils of humanity and also our greatest paradox. Our life could be summed up in this infinite loop: drink, drink too much, regret, forget, drink again.

If we had told you about hangover remedies around the world, today we are going to explore these miracle solutions through history and you will see that it is not stung by beetles.

Laurel leaves in ancient Egypt

The Egyptians never miss an opportunity to beat us down. First with their pyramids there tss but also with this miracle remedy and height of chic: wear a necklace of laurel leaves from Alexandria. Well we’re not going to lie, no one has tested recently so it could be a prank from the Egyptians of 1900 years ago.

The pig rinse: a historical classic

The good thing about the rinse-pig is that you can put whatever you want in it. The historical recipe calls for white wine, Seltzer water and lemon to be combined, but if you want to add baking soda or a big fat Doliprane, do as you please. The principle remains the same: cure evil with evil.

Pliny the Elder’s little advice in Rome

Attention, sensitive souls abstain: the ancient writer sends us his unappealing miracle cures. You can fry a canary and swallow it, for example, or eat ground swallow beaks. More simply, you may be able to settle for owl eggs in an omelette.

In the Middle Ages we filled ourselves with eel to treat our GDB

Yes the eel is a fatty fish and rich in Omega 3. Suffice to say that we do not fail to have eel under rock when we went a little strong on the murge.

Human skull powder: a legend?

It’s hard to say if it’s a legend, but we want to perpetuate this delightful myth. In the 17th century, Charles II, then seized with a terrible episode of head in the ass, brought in a doctor known for his miracle drops which were a hit throughout the kingdom. The famous doctor Goddard takes the opportunity to reveal to him the secret ingredients of this mysterious beverage: ammonia, dried viper and a little powder from the skull of a hanged man. Wouldn’t he have screwed up a bit? I let you be the judge.

Vinegar to save a lost soul from an alcoholic coma in the 19th century

At the same time, when you stuff yourself with an absinthe cone, you have to have some imagination to repair the damage. That’s how we came up with the idea of ​​pouring vinegar into the beak of a victim of an alcoholic coma.

Ashes and milk in the 19th century

The century of the Romantics does not lack absurd solutions to overcome the ravages of the bottleneck. Ultimate solution to wake up a guy who is too buttery and avoid the gobbling: ashes mixed with milk. It wouldn’t make you hungry at all.

Coca Cola

Hey yeah my little friends, I know that it relaxes more than one, but until the beginning of the 20th century, we drowned our throats in Coke which (at the time) contained cocaine. Another weird fact about Coca-Cola that you probably didn’t know. Nice.

Bad news, the only remedy that really works is not drinking like a hole. Think about it, it will lighten your aftermath.

Source: the Tell me the story blog, and if you want to know more about the crazy stories of pinard and big cock, I can only recommend this book (even though I partly wrote it somewhere trust me) :

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