Top 8 Friends Scenes Where The Actors Are Really Laughing And It Shows

Last December, I rewatched all of Friends. For about the 12th time. Don’t judge me, it was obviously the best thing to do (I’ve had an allergy to Christmas TV movies for too long). The proof that allowed me to serve you this magnificent quiz: are you a real fan of Friends? in which many of you participated. In short, by dint of knowing the series by heart, we begin to notice small things, micro details such as in particular the little chuckles that show that it is the actors who are laughing and no longer the characters.

PS: I don’t know, I never knew and I could never write the name Pheobe. So it is possible that you will come across several spellings in this top, in which case I would ask you not to overwhelm me and to accept that the spelling of this first name simply does not make sense.

1. Rachel PLS laughs when Ross plays the bagpipes (season 7 episode 15)

It’s obviously the most roasted laugh of the entire series, especially when Pheobe attempts to sing over that straight-from-hell sound. So much the better, let’s all laugh together. And above all, let’s cough into our elbows.

2. Joey cracks up when Ross tries to get his wedding ring back from the stripper (season 4 episode 22)

As the blooper in the scene shows, it’s a stern laugh especially when Ross asks for his ring and comes out with a line in a hysterical high-pitched voice that makes you laugh a little a lot. So much so that in the scene we actually see Joey laughing while trying to hide behind Ross. There’s more respect for the camera.

3. Chandler when Jannice hyperventilates while admitting to him that she sees her ex again (season 3 episode 8)

GOOD OK it’s quite imperceptible. But we know this thanks to an interview with Maggie Wheeler (Janice) who explains to us that during the rehearsals for this scene, Matthew Perry grabbed the paper bag with much less virulence than on the filmed take. Result, she typed a bar of laughter, fortunately keeping her face hidden behind the bag while Matthew Perry suppresses a small grin that we manage to perceive, however.

4. Pheobe when she plays the nurse in Days of Our Lives (season 9 episode 11)

Well there again it’s very light (yeah but it’s not easy to find too you are funny), and we especially perceive the funny tension after having seen the bloopers of the scene. That pinched little mouth says it all.

5. Chandler when he plays L’embobineur (season 8 episode 20)

Again, the bloopers allow us to see which replica is the most sensitive. Must say that the scene is chialos with laughter (yeah I say “chialos”, do you have a penny?) and Matthew Perry has good galeros (yeah I say “galeros” is there a problem?) to get his line out without stammering AND without laughing.

6. Chandler and Ross when they go up the couch with Rachel (season 5 episode 16)

OK, in fact, we don’t see much. But know that every time Matthew Perry is hidden behind the couch, he hits the bars. A real lack of professionalism.

7. Pheobe cracks up when she sees her old friend Amanda again (season 10 episode 3)

Clearly Lisa Kudrow is struggling to manage the British accent and the performance of Amanda played by Jennifer Coolidge. The bloopers are unmistakable, and the scene kept in the editing does not 100% hide Fibi’s mythical grin.

8. Emma laughing when Rachel and Ross sing “Baby Got Back”

Anything, this baby laughing at everything, we clearly didn’t teach him to play in front of a camera. It is shameful.

Damn I had a hard time putting these moments together. It’s stupid, they should have left all the moments of crisis of laughter in the series it would have really facilitated the writing of this top. And if you want to push your analysis of the series further, know that there are a lot of things we didn’t know about Friends.

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