Top 8 Foreign Versions of Folktales That Are Completely Creepy

The good thing about folk tales is that they are popular. As everyone knows them, there are a lot of authors in search of inspiration who rewrite them out of laziness to have ideas. Whatever the culture, the technique remains invariably the same: feed exclusively on LSD for 4 months before randomly removing sentences from the original story to replace them with all the words that come to mind. There are nuggets.

1. The Hare and the Tortoise

Version we know : the hare farts and loses the race, the moral is that humility is not for dogs.

German version : It’s two alcoholics and they bet a bottle of Brandy on the race. Since the hedgehog (it’s not a turtle here) wins by cheating, the hare gets mad and they do it again 74 times (I’m not making this up), until a vein in his neck bursts and he dies. The moral of this story is therefore: cheat the children, this will allow you to win a bottle of alcohol and kill your opponent.

2. Beauty and the Beast

Version we know : a beautiful kid falls in love with a monster who keeps her prisoner and they get married and the monster becomes a prince and it’s beautiful love and the message sent to the kids is not terrible terrible.

Russian version : the beast is not a big clawed teddy bear, but a 3-headed snake that captures the daughter of a merchant. Since there are just two of them in a big castle and every night the snake moves its bed closer to that of the BG, the atmosphere is not too great. One day, the snake, which does not break IQ records, tells her that she can return to her family but that if she is not back by nightfall, he will commit suicide. Not a very good idea, since since he only has one word, he carries out his threat. In the end, she kisses the three heads of the dead snake, which turns into a living prince and I have a hard time understanding the moral of this story.

Top 8 foreign versions of folktales that are completely creepy

3. Rapunzel

Version we know : Rapunzel is the daughter of a king whose hair has magical powers as long as it is not cut. Suddenly, a witch keeps her warm in her tower until a prince comes to bite her teeth.

Egyptian version : Yousif, a young prince hears about a not too yucky zoulette locked up somewhere in the desert. He decides that the fact that he knows absolutely nothing about her justifies risking his life to save her. He must therefore get rid of an ogress, which he does by suckling her breasts to make her believe that he is her son. He ends up finding the zoulette, held prisoner for some obscure reason by her father, who is an ogre. Like Rapunzel, she has long hair, and like Rapunzel she has berserk powers which she uses to stop her father from pursuing them, and then to kill him. On the other hand, she never thought of using her powers to run away on her own because she’s still pretty dicky, don’t mess around. What a beautiful story full of values.

Top 8 foreign versions of folktales that are completely creepy

4. Snow White

Version we know : after having played the maids for 7 dwarfs, an arch good girl according to mirror-mirror is poisoned by the jealous queen, before a prince comes to save her by kissing her while she sleeps.

Scottish version : in this version, there is still a sex contest between the queen and the heroine and the queen is still a pretty bad loser. She then pretends to be seriously ill and tells the king that the only way to save her would be to eat Snow White’s heart. Don’t try to understand, it’s an alternative medicine. The king pretends to accept but in fact it’s a prank that he does to the queen since he gives her the heart of a goat, lol look there are cameras there, there, and there. When she realizes that she has been screwed, the queen tracks down the zouz, who had meanwhile married a prince and was living in hiding. It’s still long so I’ll make it short: the queen poisons Snow White, her husband keeps her in his room rather than burying her, then he remarries, his new wife falls on the body, extracts the poison , Snow White comes back to life, it all ends in a threesome and that’s probably when the author had his overdose.

Top 8 foreign versions of folktales that are completely creepy

5. Cinderella

Version we know : an orphan girl is exploited by her tyrannical stepmother and sisters-in-law, until she catches the eye of a somewhat stupid prince thanks to her glass pumps.

Greek version : same, an orphan who is bullied. One day, she goes to her mother’s grave and asks her for help. In response, the sun gives her spirit, the moon gives her beauty, the dawn gives her grace, and the sea gives her a pair of blue shoes. Cimer la mer, if that’s what she might as well have gone to Zalando. Then a prince passes by and falls in love with her. To seduce her, he has a brilliant idea: to make a trap made from honey and wax in which she would remain stuck. Smart. End of the story.

Top 8 foreign versions of folktales that are completely creepy

6. Sleeping Beauty

Version we know : after pricking her finger with a spindle, a princess sleeps for a very long time, like 100 years. Little more, I don’t know but in any case it’s really long. Then a prince shows up and picks her up in her sleep because that’s what princes do. She wakes up and they got married and had many children.

Italian version : if the beauty sleeps, it is because her mother, the queen, wished it. That’s all. A power that many parents envy. In short, in this version, when the prince arrives there, he thinks that frankly he has made a long journey and so just a kiss is not a fair reward. Who could blame him? So he makes her several kids while she sleeps. Then, as the king’s mother doesn’t really like her great-grandchildren, she gives them to the king to eat. A warm and family tale, and an excellent idea for a Christmas gift.

Top 8 foreign versions of folktales that are completely creepy

7. The Three Little Pigs

Version we know : three pigs are building a house so as not to end up in a butter sandwich preferred by Parisians and the big bad wolves. One in straw, one in wood, and one in brick. The wolf dislocates the first two houses but suddenly the three pigs take refuge in the brick house and hurt the poor little canine who was only looking for food.

Italian version : three geese are building a house so as not to end up in the bucket of a famous fast food chain. One in straw, one in wood, and one in iron. The wolf dislocates the first two houses and grazes the two weak geese which had sheltered there. Then he breaks his wrist on the third and repairs it by going to seeā€¦ a locksmith. We are in a tale, huh, consistency is optional. Finally, he gets tricked by the last goose who kills him by throwing very, very hot soup on him. Savage.

8. Tom Thumb

Version we know : a couple who fails to have children makes a wish one day to have one, whatever its size. Obviously, we are in a tale so they are heard, otherwise the story would be of little interest. Suddenly, they find themselves with a little guy who is the size of his father’s thumb and who will live lots of adventures like being eaten by a cow, arresting thieves, or marrying a princess.

Latvian version : the Latvian version begins much the same, but climbs the towers much more quickly since he meets the mother of the winds who entrusts him with her sons. Unworthy mother. She’s lucky the social worker didn’t go through that, damn that disgusts me. Poor Tom can’t manage the 4 winds, normal you will tell me, it’s winds and he’s a very small boy. Finally he finds a whistle that allows him to master them because we are in a fairy tale and it would still be stupid to have a story that makes sense. We go through a few steps and at the end the king offers her his daughter’s hand but she refuses because she doesn’t want such a small guy. RT if you’re sad.

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