Top 8 First Times Nobody Knows Has Nothing To Do With Sex Stuff

So yes, you may have had 18/20 in history-geo at the baccalaureate, you surely know all your landmarks and you probably did well in the quiz “Do you know the kings of France well?” “. But I highly doubt you know about all those historic first times that have been kept secret all this time (afterwards, I don’t know you personally, maybe you watched all the Secrets of History on DVD on a sick day). Surprise quiz at the end of the top, whoever gets the best grade wins their weight as a wallpaper puncher.

1. The first commercial broadcast on French television: an ad for Boursin

Thank you to good old Georges Pompidou who allowed us, on October 1, 1968, to discover the world of brand advertising (otherwise we would have missed that of the Petits Filous hits, the best ad of the 2000s). If television advertising had already existed for ten years, it could only highlight groups such as pea manufacturers. The first brand ad broadcast on TV is therefore that of the insomniac for Boursin spreadable cheese. And frankly, we are very proud to have rubbed shoulders with this masterpiece.

2. The first song on the radio: La Marseillaise by singer Yvonne Brothier

As early as 1906, radios and broadcasts were in operation. However, the official birth date of the radio station is November 26, 1921 (a beautiful Sagittarius baby weighing 5.2 kg): that day, 300 scientists, engineers and professors gathered at the Hôtel Lutetia in Paris to , unknowingly witnessing the first real radio show. While the guests of the higher school of electricity celebrated the centenary of Ampère’s work, they were able to discover the voice of the singer Yvonne Brothier by radio broadcast who interpreted, 60 km further, the Marseillaise. Frankly chills.

3. The first printed book: “The Guttenberg Bible”

But siiii, Guttenberg, the printing press, the 15th century, all that! Well know that the guy has not trod too much with this story of the first book. Instead of writing fan fiction on Wattpad and adapting it into a book like everyone else, Guttenberg simply took the Vulgate, the Latin version of the Bible, and printed it with movable type between 1452 and 1455, adding his nickname to make it clear that it was all his. No but it’s ok, we don’t bother??

4. The first phone call: a conversation between Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant

“Uuuh nonsense, everyone knows it this first time in fact, super Topito”. So already, it’s me who makes the tops ok, and then first of all it never hurts too much to recall this kind of story. Now let me tell.

March 10 (like my birthday, mark it in your diaries) 1876: the bg inventor of the telephone thinks it’s time to test his bullshit for real. He therefore calls his assistant Thomas Watson and asks him to lock himself in a room close to the receiver, then to repeat what he will have heard on the telegraph. From the first try, everything works. In Graham Bell’s diary, we can read that his assistant heard the phrase “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you”. But what is quite caustic is that in Watson’s diary, we can read that he heard “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you”. Do you notice the nuance?

5. The first meme: “what do you look like when your picture is taken”

What would Topito’s editorial staff be without its famous top memes? Probably unemployed. Fortunately, the satirical magazine Judge made a very good move by publishing, on July 2, 1921, a very good cartoon meme, originally published in the student magazine Wisconsin Octopus. The first meme ever which is, it must be said, quite funny. Since then, July 2 has been a public holiday at Topito.

6. The first series broadcast on TV: “The Queen’s Messenger”

The series Mary Kay and Johnny and I Love Lucy, broadcast in the 1950s, are often considered to be the first series in the world. But in truth, another full program was broadcast on TV much earlier. In 1928, the American radio station WGY (which was trying its hand at television at the time), broadcast The Queen’s Messenger, a 40-minute spy drama. So yeah, technically speaking it’s not a real show, because there’s only one act. But listen, it’s not me who makes the story huh.

7. The first commercial CD: “52nd Street” by Billy Joel

The more 80’s among us will remember that in 1982, Philips and Sony announced the release of their new creation: the Compact Disc (or CD). The first studio recordings on CD then began with The Visitors of Abba and An Alpine symphony by Richard Strauss. But the first turntable sold in Japan, on November 1, 1982, was Billy Joel’s album 52nd Street. Very good choice of DJ.

8. The first television news: a balloon race as the first report

Ah the beginnings of TV journalism, too moving. On June 29, 1949, the French discovered at 9 p.m. the very first television news, without a host but directed by Pierre Sabbagh. The newspaper lasts 15 minutes and shows a report with the Eiffel Tower seen from the sky and a hot air balloon race, one of which catches fire. Did they also, at the time, have reports on the ravages of electronic cigarettes, do you think?

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