Top 8 filming locations that have creepy stories, sets steeped in history

I imagine that when a film crew is looking for places to make a film, they try to get the best atmospheres, the best landscapes but also the best prices. Is that why they happen to find themselves in super scary places or with creepy stories to capture and transcribe an aura in the image? Maybe. Or else, they didn’t find out about the location and they decided to shoot there because there were toilets not far away, it’s a possibility to take into account.

1. The former Japanese internment camp in “ET”

This pretty suburb that we can see in the film AND is actually the remains of a former internment camp for Japanese American civilians during the Pearl Harbor era. People were “parked” there and it looked like a city, but they were interrogated to find out if they were potential enemies of the United States. Not a crazy atmosphere, but that’s where little Elliot’s house is so it changes the atmosphere a bit.

2. The abandoned amusement park in “Jurassic World”

What’s creepier than an old amusement park abandoned by hurricanes? Not much. Apart from the clowns, these bastards really piss me off. Anyway the team Jurassic World decided to create his fake park on the grounds of a former theme park devastated by Hurricane Katrina, something that has fewer teeth than a T-Rex but is just as devastating.

3. The old chemical plant in “Full Metal Jacket”

When you want to film a place that can make you think of a battlefield (in this case in Vietnam) you mainly look for big, disused, abandoned and rugged places. That’s why Kubrick decided to shoot some scenes in an old chemical factory in London. The thing is, there was chemical waste, asbestos, and all kinds of crap in the place that you don’t want to sleep on. But at least they could shoot the walls with great gunshots, it didn’t bother anyone.

4. Dubrovnik Siege Theater and “Game of Thrones”

Many scenes from the series Game Of Thrones take place in the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, since the old town served as the setting for King’s Landing. But not too long ago Croatia was a country at war when Yugoslavia broke up, so there were quite a few crimes, deaths and disturbing stories in these places, especially during the siege of Dubrovnik. A place full of stories, and not only beautiful ones.

5. The bomb test area in “Skyfall”

If you saw Sky Fall, a film screwed up by censorship, you probably found the landscape around Bond’s childhood home bucolic, restful and exotic. Well it was also a place used to test some kind of super tank during World War II that was to kick the Nazis out of their pants.

6. The Palace of Caserta in “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”

See the scene where the bad guys end up getting captured by the rebellion in a grand palace? No, obviously you are like most people and have decided to erase this film from your memory, but basically this scene was filmed in the Palace of Caserta, a place where the teams who were to discuss the surrender also passed German forces in Italy during World War II. The villains therefore lost twice.

7. Radioactive Island in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

When we call an island “the academy of nuclear war” it means that big guns are going on there. And for good reason, “Treasure Island” was once used to carry out nuclear tests and train the military in firing warheads. Then over the years, who knows why, the producers decided that they could also use this island by shooting film scenes there. As a result, a fake airport was recreated for a scene from the third part ofIndianaJones but you may also have seen the island in Flubber.

8. Aokigahara Forest and lots of movies

We’ve already told you about the creepy stuff about Aokigahara Forest, also known as the Suicide Forest. There are regularly bodies of people who have decided to end their lives and several films have made their subject or take place directly in the place, such as Our memories, TheForest and Suicide Forest Village. Well, there seems to be a redundant theme if you ask me.

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