Top 8 Fashion Shows Most Outrageous, Most Moldy Fashion

Fashion is so cool, it’s people who choose for us what to buy and what to throw in our clothes, and it’s going super fast all the time, which makes us get rid of clothes BEFORE they are in a bad condition to buy new ones. But it also happens that fashion slips and is controversial, especially in some parades that have done a bit of shit.

1. Yves Saint-Laurent and the ruined desert forever

When the Yves Saint-Laurent house (it’s not really a house, it’s a way of saying the institution if you prefer) decided to hold a parade in the middle of the Agafay desert in Morocco, the organizers went a bit far: they poured a huge concrete slab into which they threw liters of float, forever ruining a natural landscape for a 14-minute show. But there were also swimming pools, air conditioners, a road of several kilometers and a whole bunch of stuff that is not too respectful of the environment.

2. Rick Owens and the Cock Parade

When the designer Rick Owens made his famous exposed cock collection (it’s not really the name) he shocked a little part of the public, because we literally saw the penises of all the models on stage, which makes globally clothes that you can’t wear every day to go to work, for example.

3. Dior and its collection inspired by the clothes of the homeless

Defended as a criticism of the bourgeoisie, the parade imagined by the artistic director of the brand John Galliano caused a big scandal at the time because dressing models with clothes that cost several thousand euros but were inspired by those of the poor people who live in misery it was really a huge shitty idea.

4. Givenchy and the suicide necklace

By creating a piece for its parade which was a necklace in the shape of a rope with a slipknot, the house of Givenchy knew that it was going to make people talk. The object that echoes people who commit suicide by hanging, however, has not been unanimous with everyone since it is not the subject around which people meet to laugh.

5. Gucci and the straitjacket show

“What if we used a piece of clothing that we put on sick patients out of pure cruelty rather than treating them to make a parade? It’s not necessarily these words that the idea for this Gucci fashion show was born, but in the end that’s what remained of it, and it caused a nice little scandal because it’s all very well to find symbols every time you want to shock but maybe you should think about it before pissing the world off.

6. Claudio Cutugno and blackface

In 2015, Claudio Cutugno presented his fashion show in Milan rocking all his models with their faces made up in black, which clearly wasn’t all received positively since it’s what we call blackface. He did try to explain his vision of the show after the fact but it was already too late, people didn’t appreciate his shitty idea at all.

7. Bstroy and the Sweaters Against Guns

Streetwear brand Bstroy caused a “sensation” at New York Fashion Week 2019 by bringing models onto the stage wearing hoodies that read “Columbine” which referred to a mass shooting, the all with holes in the garment that imitated bullet holes. Of course, this bullshit went wrong.

Top 8 fashion shows most outrageous, most moldy fashion

8. Burberry and the hoodie with a hangman’s knot

You have to believe that fashion likes to make clothes that refer to hanged people, we don’t really know why, probably to get people talking about them by capitalizing on the suffering of people who committed suicide. No whew, but it’s the fashion industry, we’re not talking about the red cross either.

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