Top 8 Evidence The Metaverse Has Already Failed, This Thing Is Hell

When we started talking about it, it’s borderline if we didn’t present the Metaverse as the future of man, or at least the future of his way of having fun and consuming, especially in times of covid. The fact is that in reality the Metaverse is already a big failure, and it’s not going to get any better, and to prove it we’re going to give you some proof that it’s already screwed up, like when you try to brake in car while we are already falling into the ravine.

1. The presentation was already badly crossed out

You may not know it but when he presented his new project Mark Zuckerberg made a big video presentation during which we saw him projected in virtual reality in lots of places including Puerto Rico. This territory was at that time affected by a hurricane, which went quite badly with public opinion as you can imagine, hence the place of the metaverse in the biggest fails of 2021.

2. Because there have already been cases of sexual harassment

The thing hadn’t been out for two months since some big jerks had already found a way to harass people on it. Once again it is scandalous and gives a less than stellar image of the tool which seems cursed since the moment of its announcement. If it’s just to recreate our world with all its flaws and lousy graphics, it’s not worth injecting so much money into it.

3. Because all the big brands are excited about the metaverse

If several big brands have shown their interest in the new medium, do you know what that means? In three letters: PUB. All the time, everywhere, increasingly targeted and in virtual reality. The nightmare, we’re going to eat billboards even when we’re at home now, that’s to tell you if it’s not a rotten invention.

Top 8 evidence the metaverse has already failed, this thing is hell

4. Because you will have to buy a VR headset

And these machines there is not given. Some models run with a PC, so add the price of the machine, and for those who are autonomous do not expect incredible resolution. Not to mention the fact that every time you will have to change the model every two years because it will no longer be “powerful” enough to display the graphics worthy of a computer running Windows 98.

5. Because even if it means being in front of a screen, it’s entertaining

Watch a series, a movie, a show, play on the console, or even watch an off screen, enjoy 30 seasons of Derrick… Do what you want but it will always be better than meeting people you don’t know who took an avatar that doesn’t look like them to talk to them about uninteresting stuff and expose you to a whole bunch of stupid scams. If that makes you feel like it’s up to you.

6. Because the graphics suck

So yes you’re going to tell me it’s normal that it’s not incredible since it’s virtual reality, but the other Zuckerberg he has more money than some countries so he could at least pay teams who develop a something cleaner than a Sims game from ten years ago, that wouldn’t be asking for the moon.

Top 8 evidence the metaverse has already failed, this thing is hell

7. Because there are going to be a bunch of scams on it

Do you see the number of scam messages we receive by email or private messages on social networks? So imagine what it’s going to look like on a virtual reality dating system: hacking, phishing, threats, extortion or even really rotten background music… Is this the world we want for tomorrow?

8. Because I already said everything in another top

If you read things to do now in the metaverse you probably noticed that there was nothing good to do there, this was a top full of bad faith that was only meant to show you how to how the metaverse is gonna be a really shitty thing with paying gigs from people you can only see on your screen. Might as well watch a live on Youtube for free.

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