Top 8 Dramatic Effects Of Indian Summer 2022 (Even Worse Than Heatwave)

I don’t know if you noticed but it’s hot when it’s completely late October or even early November and normally we should start to seriously peel the rush. If we can romantically speak of an Indian summer, it is above all a concrete proof that global warming is already taking effect with dramatic consequences. Indeed, we have never experienced such a hot month of October. This is due to the very hot winds transported across the globe, a dynamic meteorological phenomenon which responds to the sweet name of “corded heat feather” and we will see together why it is serious, even worse than the heat waves experienced this summer. .


The autumnal heat has the advantage of letting us still enjoy the terraces and sip a pastis. The problem is that soon we won’t be able to put more fleet in it. This summer’s heat waves had already greatly dried up the soil, but the lack of rain and the persistent heat are jeopardizing groundwater reserves. For the moment we do not perceive it directly but in a few months, these shortages should lead to many disruptions in the supply of drinking water.

2. The flowers leave in complete succession

Normally at this time of the year the vegetation begins to prepare for the great cold of winter, it is a transitional period which allows them to use what is called an inhibition system. Instead, they do the opposite and begin to bud in the greatest calm.

The problem is that they will therefore produce flowers rather than seed reserves, so not only will the flowers slam when they suddenly get hit by an icy winter in the face, but they will also not have enough gear. below the elbow to bloom next spring. The stupid thing. Someone should tell the flowers to stop doing shit, it sucks after a while.

3. The same hassle for fruit

If it fucks the shit up with the flowers, it necessarily fucks up the fruit trees that flower (without giving any fruit) which will certainly screw up part of the next harvest.

4. We get too many mosquitoes

Always there even when we didn’t ask them for those. Inevitably with a little rain in September and the heat of October we have a 100% favorable environment for mosquitoes to proliferate. We knew that the invasion of tiger mosquitoes in France was one of the tangible consequences of global warming…

Top 8 Dramatic Effects Of Indian Summer 2022 Even Worse

5. Birds are serious grounded

While they should currently be migrating, the October heat (it’s starting to sound like a ball movie title, don’t you think?) disturbs the lazy birds. Many remain on the spot confused by the non-arrival of the cold. Unfortunately, the reduction in winter rest to which they are exposed by migrating later may seriously endanger certain populations which will not survive. Not to mention the brutality of the cold spells for which they are not at all prepared.

6. We enjoy Halloween parties under 25°

And it’s super boring because it’s hot under our costumes frankly too much the balls of this life that causes us suffering and disarray.

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7. However, good news: the bees are taking it easy…

For once there is a micro good news, we will not deny it. Calm down, it’s not the madness of underpants either, it’s just that these heats allow them not to return to their niches yet and thus increase their food resources for the winter. YAY.

8. …And we use less electricity

Well here again we try to rejoice a little but don’t rejoice too quickly. Usually at this time of year we start to screw up the heating (which we shouldn’t) but there, as it’s hot, we do it less. There is no doubt, however, that everyone will jump on their radiator as soon as we drop below the 20° mark. What do you want, we don’t learn from our mistakes.

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