Top 8 Cute Animals That Killed People Horribly

We’ve already told you about the cute animals that were actually big assholes, but in case you didn’t believe us… Did you know that some cute animals have actually killed people? Yes, humans, yes! When you are told to beware of appearances, bug!

1. A dog kills his mistress by biting

An absolutely sordid story. Elisa Pilarski was 29 years old and six months pregnant when Curtis, her companion’s dog, killed her on a walk. On November 16, 2019, at the scene of the tragedy, there was also a hunt. Doubt hovered for a long time, but experts ruled out the possibility that hunting dogs were responsible for the bites, and named Curtis as the culprit.

2. A leopard seal drowns a biologist

In Antarctica, the leopard seal is at the top of the food chain. It is a formidable predator, known to hunt penguins, it does not hesitate to attack humans either. In 2003, biologist Kirsty Brown was attacked by one. He dragged him underwater, then killed him. Creepy. (Source)

Top 8 Cute Animals That Killed People Horribly

A sea lion in Antarctica

3. A raccoon causes the death of a kidney donor and its recipient

A fact as sad as it is rare: in 2013, a kidney donor, then the recipient of his transplant, both died 18 months apart, because of a raccoon. According to the doctor, the first suffered from rabies, itself transmitted by the bite of a raccoon. Died in hospital shortly after the attack, his organs had been transplanted to four different people. Of these four people, one developed the virus and died from it.


4. Hippos kill 300 people a year

Here not one, but hundreds of news items! Potams are among the deadliest animals in the world, claiming an average of 300 victims a year (worldwide) defending their territory. If you come across a hippopotamus yawning at the crows, leave quickly! It is a sign of threat.

5. A cat suffocates an infant

There are plenty of stories of cats killing people, but this one is particularly trashy. A baby, just six months old, has died after an adult cat landed on her face. It’s horrible.


6. A man gets eaten by his pigs

In 2020, in Poland, a 72-year-old farmer no longer gives news. Worried, his neighbor decides to go around his farm, and there… It’s the tragedy. He makes a macabre discovery: the remains of the farmer, eaten by his pigs. But awful!

7. An orca kills several trainers

In 2010, Dawn Brancheau, an experienced orca tamer, lost her life in the midst of a performance, killed by the orca Tilikum (Tilly), at SeaWorld Orlando. According to witnesses, the animal would have jumped out of the water to grab her waist. According to the police, the tamer slipped into the pool before being fatally attacked.

Before Dawn, Tilly had already caused the death of his first trainer (1991), then a man had been found lifeless and naked in his aquarium, in 1999.

8. A rooster causes the death of an Australian woman

So okkkk it’s not ultra-cute, but still… It’s still… A rooster is still an animal that looks harmless (when it isn’t)! In 2019, a 76-year-old Australian paid the price. While she was quietly gathering eggs in her chicken coop, she was attacked to death by her rooster. How is this possible? Well, the sparrow punctured one of his varicose veins with a peck, which caused him internal bleeding. Yup… A very beautiful death of shit, that!

9. Bonus: a dog shoots its master (a hunter in the middle of a hunt)

The hunter hunted! In 2015, while a hunter was out hunting with his fellow hunters, the one whose intelligence was matched only by his love of animals, leaned his rifle against a tree. Bad luck for him (but not for the deer): his dog passes by, drops the weapon, and activates the trigger by stepping on it. The 61-year-old hunter was hit in the hand and forearm, but survived his injuries.

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