Top 8 creepiest things found in caves

Once the other time (new expression) I showed you a lot of strange things found in attics by rather brave people. We had a good laugh that day, I don’t know if you remember. Anyway, today we are going to look at an almost similar subject, but with caves. Finally creepy stuff found in caves, not people who found caves in their attic.

1. Children’s skulls that served as cups

In Britain, Grough’s Cave was home to Cheddar Man, the oldest skeleton ever found in the country, but cups made from children’s skulls have also been discovered there, which is far less sympathetic, ne don’t you find a young brigand? Already drinking in skulls is not super friendly, but in children’s skulls, it is a level above.

2. Klerksdorp marbles

These funny little, almost perfect spheres found in caves in South Africa date back almost three billion years, and because they look like they have been carved by a machine, they have often fueled extraterrestrial theories or such manifestations. My theory is it’s the testicles of an extinct creature, but the scientists aren’t responding to my emails.

3. The Dead Sea Scrolls

Discovered in a cave in Palestine, these Hebrew manuscripts are historical treasures but they were also found with around forty bodies of Jews killed by the Romans in the second century. A little further in the cave we found the mummified body of a little girl which dated back 6000 years, clearly not the best place to picnic this cave.

4. Crystal Sepulcher Cave

Sounds like the title of an Indiana Jones adventure and yet, located in Belize, this cave features a rather creepy site of super violent human sacrifices where the bones of living people were broken. All the skeletons have wounds caused by human hands in absolutely atrocious conditions, if that makes you want to go visit caves, you are still a little strange.

5. The Fire Mummies

Dating from the year 2000 BC, the mummies of Kabayan (Philippines) also called the “Fire mummies” are mummies found in the cavernous mountains of the country. They are called like that because of the method of mummification used: they were made to drink an extremely salty brew before being literally smoked with fire (like smoked meat) after their death.

6. The largest bat cave in the world

The Monfort cave is known to be the cave with the most bats ever discovered. And we are not talking about small bats, but about Geoffroy’s flying foxes, rather hefty brothels that feed on fruit. There were nearly 2.3 million inside the cave at the last estimate, a nice family reunion.

7. One of the longest snakes in the world

One of the longest snakes ever studied has been discovered in a Brazilian cave and it measures more than ten meters, which makes a beautiful piece. Apart from being super long, he looks pretty cool considering he’s never tried to bite me, but at the same time I’ve never run into him.

8. The Salt Men of Iran

These six bodies found in a salt mine in Iran underwent natural mummification because of the salt present in the cave which preserved them by bleaching their skin. The appearance of the mummies is therefore quite creepy, so if you ever find yourself in a salt mine, do not try to take a nap. Another sordid story of people who got stuck in a cave.

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