Top 8 Crazy Stories of Titanic Survivors

If for many brainless young people, the Titanic is above all a film showing Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet on a pretty boat, this shipwreck still continues to fuel the fantasies and terrors of the sea (while with global warming, phew, big ships shouldn’t encounter icebergs anytime soon). There are 719 survivors out of 2223 passengers. We tell you the crazy story of some of them.

1. Violet Constance Jessop: the super mega warrior survivor of shipwrecks at sea

Violet was a sea hostess and nurse, she became a shipwreck pro by being on board the Olympic in 1911, then the Titanic in 1912 and finally the Britannic in 1916. A busy decade for Violet. And yet, the young woman will only die at the age of 83 from bronchitis, like what when it doesn’t want it doesn’t want it.

2. Charles Joughin, saved by alcohol

This cook accustomed to services at sea works as a baker on the last voyage of the Titanic. When he is awoken by the ship’s collision with the killer iceberg, he sends his assistants on dinghies to ensure their rescue and refuses the privilege of the rescue and instead goes for a good whiskey descent in his bedroom.

He returns to the deck and throws chairs and vests overboard, hoping it will serve as a makeshift raft for the castaways. He helps the women and children to embark but stays on the boat until the end, before being completely immersed in the water. He will then be rescued in one of the few canoes with a little space available, his feet frozen but the rest of his body alive. Like what, a good descent of whiskey before the big dive in a sea at -2°C, that helps.

3. Charles Lightoller, the rescued savior

Second officer on board, he goes on deck in his pajamas after feeling the vibrations due to the collision with the iceberg. He quickly realizes that there is trouble with the ship and returns to bundle up a little more warmly before taking on the task of evacuating the passengers. While he himself has to board a lifeboat, he leaves his place and continues to carry out his mission from the bridge. While sinking with the boat, he was caught in the current of a ground swell then a wave pushed him quite far towards an overturned lifeboat. Pot shot, it will save his life.

4. Richard Norris Williams, tennis player

A professional tennis player when he boarded the Titanic, Dick Williams may well be in first class, but he sinks into the freezing water like everyone else. Except that he sees his father crushed by the chimney which he himself narrowly avoided. While swimming to find a free canoe, he comes across to his amazement the bulldog of Robert Daniel (another survivor of the shipwreck), responding to the sweet name of Gamin de Pycombe. Indeed we don’t talk about it often but there were many dogs on board the Titanic that captains had the presence of mind to release from the kennel. On the other hand, no information specifies if the dog survived so I will cry all the tears in my body before continuing to write this top.

To put an end to Richard Norris, he survived the sinking with legs transformed into Mister Freeze, it was then suggested to him to amputate them, which he refused. A good decision for him since he won the United States Open two years later.

5. Jim, known as “Big Joe”, the cat whisperer

Strangely, no cats were on board the Titanic. Well not really. The only testimony mentioning a cat was that of Big Joe, in charge of monitoring the boilers. After finding a pet cat prowling the docks, he decides to have her board the Titanic alongside him. During the first trials of the ship, the cat settles comfortably with her new friend and delivers an army of kittens. The date of the big departure is approaching and Big Joe himself is not yet sure of continuing the adventure. Fortunately the little cat will decide for him. Shortly before the departure of the Titanic, he surprises her through the porthole bringing each of her kittens to the dock before leaving the ship herself. For Big Joe it’s a sign, he takes his bundle and goes his way. So OK, he’s not technically a Titanic survivor, but it’s proof once again that THE CATS ARE TOO CUTE WITH THEIR LITTLE PAWS THAT MAKE THE PURRON.

6. George Beauchamp, the miraculous double

Much like Violet Jessop, this sailor has also had plenty of pussy as he survived the two biggest shipwrecks of the 20th century: the Titanic and the Lusitania. After the second shipwreck he will say: “I’ve had enough of big ships, I’m now going to work on smaller boats”. You surprise me !

7. Ruth Becker, one of the last survivors

The young girl embarks with all her family in 2nd class in the hope of treating her very sick two-year-old brother in the United States. When the ship begins to sink, 13-year-old Ruth soon finds herself separated from her family. A captain holds it on a lifeboat already roughly filled, the boat descends and almost hits the one above in the face. Still, Ruth helps everyone and distributes the blankets she had stolen from her room, she even helps another castaway to find her baby and luckily, she also finds her own family. She will ask that her ashes be scattered after her death (which took place in 1990), above the wreck at sea. Relou, the girl.

8. Edward and Ethel Bean, a honeymoon that tastes like salt water

The sinking of the Titanic was a blow to couples. Yes, because we had the bad taste to want to save women and children first, the couples were forcibly separated so that the women could board the lifeboats first. This was naturally the case with Ethel. Edward meanwhile had no choice but to jump overboard and swim, swim, and swim until a dinghy granted him a berth before he froze to death. Fortunately, he was rescued and reunited with his wife. Apparently he dumped her two weeks later because she never wrung out the sponge after washing the dishes.

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