Top 8 craziest reunion stories, you’ll cry

Dear readers (yes, I wanted this proximity), today I offer you a top much more joyful than that of missing persons never found since it is about telling you wonderful stories of reunion. And I’m not telling you about a rotten reunion like “Ah well, were you there? “ No no, I’m talking about epic reunions that would all make great novels. Come on, since you can’t hold it any longer, let’s start straight away.

1. A Chinese man found his mother through his memory 33 years after her kidnapping

The guy was kidnapped at the age of 4 and then sold to another family nearly 2000km from his village. 33 years later, he drew a map of this village thanks to the memories he had of it and then shared it on the networks to try to find his mother. The authorities made the link between her drawing and a small village where a mother had reported the disappearance of her child, and BINGO, it was her. A small miracle. I don’t know about you, but the only thing I can remember from my 4 years was the time I pissed on myself at recess. Fortunately, I have never been kidnapped.

Li Jingwei was abducted at the age of 4 from his birth mother, a victim of child trafficking. It was sold to another family living over 1,800 km away.

Posted by Le HuffPost on Monday, January 3, 2022

2. 25 years later, an Indonesian reunites with his family thanks to Google Earth

If you have seen the movie Lion, then this story probably tells you something. Normal, she inspired the film. Saroo Brierley is an Indian who lost track of his family at 5; he fell asleep on a train and got lost thousands of miles from home (that’s stupid). Saroo ended up being adopted by Australians and 25 years later decided to find his family thanks to Google Earth. He began by finding the route of the train he had taken and then managed to identify which village he was from. What ended up confirming this was when Saroo recognized a fountain he had seen on Google satellite images before. After this discovery, he left for the place where he found his mother. In the film, this is the moment when we complain a lot. In real life it must have been okay too.

3. An Indonesian reunited with his family using Google Maps

After Google Earth, we go to Google Maps. In any case, this is the means that Ervan Wahyu Anjasworo used to find his parents. The poor man had been kidnapped at the age of 5 by a street artist who took him from town to town to exploit him and eventually abandon him. A childhood that can easily be described as “not nice”. But at 17, after years of hardship, Ervan decides to try to locate his village using Google Maps, and he succeeds. On the spot, he directly recognized his parents, his siblings, and the postman (no that’s wrong). In short, he found his family, and as the photo below shows, he was super happy.

4. Homeless man reunited with his family 40 years after losing them

Isaac Avila was a homeless man who lived in Florida where he used to go to free meal distributions. One day, during one of these distributions, he came across volunteers from an association who are recording video clips of the homeless so that they can find relatives they no longer hear from. Isaac’s video was posted on social media, his mother and sister saw it, and 40 years after leaving them, Isaac was able to find them. A small miracle once again. I hope you are moved.

5. A teenager found his sister on Instagram

It happened in 2019. Loïc, a little guy from Roubaix, posted a video on Insta to tell his story: at the age of 3, he was taken away from his mother who was irresponsible and a family adopted him. Her sister had the same fate, except that she and Loïc were sent to different families (which is just disgusting, but hey). It was to find her that Loïc launched his call on Insta, and that’s exactly what happened. A few days after the video was broadcast, Loïc’s sister contacted him and the two teenagers were able to meet again. Still later, Loïc announced that he had also seen his big brother again. Yes, I hid it from you, but there was also a big brother. This top is full of surprises.

6. A father found his kidnapped son 24 years earlier in China

Mr. Guo’s son was abducted in 1997 when he was only 2 years old. At the time, in China, it was common to kidnap boys to sell them because of the one-child policy (people preferred to have a boy rather than a girl …) In short, Mr. Guo moved heaven and earth to find his son, traveling all over the country even if it means spending a few nights sleeping under bridges, but it was not until 24 years later that he found his child. After a DNA test, the police informed him that a 26-year-old teacher from Henan Province was his son. The rest is reunion, but I prefer to leave them their privacy. Stop taking pictures of them damn it, leave them alone.

7. A homeless man reunited with his family thanks to a makeover

João Coelho Guimarães had been living on the streets in Brazil for 3 years when he was given a makeover organized by a hair salon and a ready-to-wear store. João, who had a huge beard and a good hair, ended up with a nice haircut and some neat new clothes. Her photo was then broadcast on social media to show everyone the result of the makeover. This is precisely what allowed his family to recognize João, whom they had not seen in years. After the reunion, João preferred to continue living on the streets, but he kept in touch with his mother and sister, which is not bad at all.

8. And finally, the parallel twins separated at birth who discovered they had lived the same life.

American twins Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were separated at birth and only reunited 39 years later. The story would have been crazy enough like that, but it goes even further. While chatting, Jim Lewis and Jim Springer discovered far too many similarities between their two lives. Already they have the same first name, then they both had a dog named Toy. They both became sheriffs, married a Linda, divorced and remarried a Betty, and their respective sons have the same first name, “James Allan”. Frankly, even though my rational mind knows this is just a huge coincidence, I can’t help but doubt.

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