Top 8 Boris Johnson’s little moments of glory, we will miss him (no)

We often have the opportunity to spit on our French politicians, saying to ourselves that we probably have the worst representatives of the state imaginable (apart from dictators and leaders who obviously stumble over their people), but sometimes we come across a small nugget from abroad and we tell ourselves that we have serious competitors in terms of bullshit to counterbalance ours. This is where Boris Johnson enters the scene, or rather leaves the scene since he is leaving his post as Prime Minister, leaving behind him some saucepans that we invite you to see today.

1. The Brexit Man

Inevitably, his greatest coup was almost that one, the one that a bunch of Britons reproached him for, even nicknaming him “Mr Brexit”. If a referendum has taken place and a majority of the population has voted in favor of yes, it is above all the time taken to set up the project and the absolutely chaotic management of it that is reproached to it since it has never really managed to draw a good picture of what Brexit was (agreement with the EU, customs union, single market but also the problem of Northern Ireland). Difficult to set up something that is not really defined at the same time.

2. The big clandestine parties of the pandemic

It always hurts her when, as a person who must lead by example, you get caught red-handed by doing something stupid. During the period of the pandemic when everyone was confined and the population was forced to restrict their outings, Johnson shone as an organizer of clandestine and illegal parties. Shortly after the revelation by the press of these many evenings, 70% of the population was in favor of his resignation, which finally seems quite logical.

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3. The renovation of his apartment and the private “donations”

This good old Boris had also stood out during the renovation of his private apartment, the work of which amounted to more than 140,000 euros (120,000 pounds). He had received a contribution paid by the taxpayer of 30,000 pounds but also money “given” by David Brownlow, a funder to whom Johnson had promised a service in exchange, as revealed by private discussions found by The Guardian. Johnson had been forced to pay a fine for “misreporting” his income, which doesn’t paint a super-serious image as prime minister.

4. Partygate: the Christmas that goes badly

In the middle of Christmas week 2020 when almost the whole country was confined and was deprived of being able to spend the holidays with the family, Boris Johnson had organized a big party (he had also done it for his birthday the same year) which had resonated like a huge middle finger to the people. Not the best suitor for the position of Santa Claus suddenly.

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5. The Chris Pincher case: the parliamentary disciplinary officer with numerous sex scandals

Where this brave Boris had not shone either was when he had hired Chris Pincher while weighing on him numerous accusations of sexual assault. When the affair had been revealed by the press he had initially denied knowing about it before giving him the job when he was in fact completely aware of these scandals, which he had later admitted in the hurry.

6. The free Caribbean vacation that begs the question

In 2019, Johnson had gone to vacation in a dream villa in the Caribbean, which is obviously his strictest right. The problem is that the latter had taken a long time to admit that the famous villa had been graciously lent to him by a donor from his party. Why hide this information? What had the house been loaned against? How many degrees was the pool water? So many questions that point to a mysterious mystery, and when you hide something, it’s not clear.

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7. Conflicts of interest and the protection of corrupt MPs

A dark history of corruption erupted when Boris Johnson changed a government rule to cover up and avoid the suspension of Owen Paterson, an MP who regularly pressured certain ministers to leave private companies through which he received money alone. ‘silver. We inevitably accused Boris of being also corrupt to try to twist the laws in order to protect relatives and he was finally forced to reverse his decision and release Paterson.

8. The wave of departure of ministers because of lack of confidence

The day after the resignation of Chris Pincher because of his sex scandals and the attempt to cover up Boris Johnson, the latter had quite logically been let go by many members of the government: Will Quince (in charge of children and the family ), Laura Trott (Assistant Secretary of State for Transport), Sajid Javid (Minister of Health), Robin Walker (Minister of Education Standards), Rishi Sunak (Minister of Finance) and John Glen (Secretary of State for Finance ) had all resigned in three days for lack of confidence in the Prime Minister. It hurts her a bit.

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