Top 8 big star comebacks, it’s well deserved

Karma seems to exist. Personally, I doubt it a bit when I see that the inventor of pain au raisin never ended up in prison, but hey, let’s face it. If karma exists, then it also exists for stars. There’s no reason for him to make exceptions. So here, for your greatest happiness, are some backlashes that the stars have taken. It was deserved. Hair on the nose.

1. Gerard Pique may have to play with ‘Shakira’ on his jersey

Remember, a few weeks ago we learned that Gerard Pique, defender of FC Barcelona, ​​had cheated on Shakira with whom he had been in a relationship for years. Well he could take a blow to the face in return, since his club could force him to play with a jersey representing a Shakira single. Basically, the singer has a contract with Spotify, and Spotify is Barca’s main sponsor. Players have already had to toy with a Drake image on shirts, and Shakira could be the next star to be “worn” by club players. It would be very funny to see Pique forced to display the name of the one he cheated on.

2. Xavier Bertrand who picked up the LR primaries

We all still have it in mind, this video of Xavier Bertrand facing Anne-Sophie Lapix, far too confident about the result of the Republican primaries, and convinced that he was going to be a presidential candidate. Lapix had already put him in his place, but the elections drove the point home: Bertrand did not come first, nor second, nor third, but fourth. The te-hon.

3. Robin Thicke who picked himself up with the album written to win back his wife

The singer had cheated on his wife, then had written an album in his name, “Paula”, to try to win her back. Released in 2014, the album was a huge flop. In its first week, it sold 530 copies in the UK, 550 in Canada and 158 in Australia. Paula finally wanted a divorce and dragged her ex-husband to court for violence, drug abuse and infidelity. A good return of karma in the face.

4. Serena and Venus Williams who thought they could beat any guy in the top 200 and got busted by a guy ranked 203rd

In 1998, the Williams sisters claimed loud and clear that they could beat any high-ranked man, and they finally found a taker to face them: Karsten Braasch, a late-career German player ranked 203rd in the ATP. The German, who had had two beers before matches and smoked fags between side changes, blasted Serena 6-1 and Venus 6-2. That does not mean that the two women were zero, but it prevented them from talking nonsense.

5. Sara from Koh-Lanta and her push-ups at Ninja Warrior

The Koh-Lanta candidate is known for screaming 24 hours a day and doing push-ups all the time, which she obviously did on the day of her participation in Ninja Warrior. Well it didn’t seem to work for him. Watch the video to see this failure.

6. Pécresse who took a stand against the assistantship and who begged for money to reimburse his messed up campaign

She had to give alms to her supporters to repay the 5 million euros she had borrowed. A good crank return as the other would say.

7. Sarkozy who did not want sentence adjustment for sentences longer than 6 months

And then the guy was sentenced to a year in prison in the Bygmalion case, and had a sentence adjustment since he received an electronic bracelet. The backlash would have been even stronger if he had been entitled to real zonzon, but hey, you can’t have everything in life.

8. The youtuber DirtyBiology who made a video saying to beware of internet celebrities…

… and who took an article from Mediapart with several testimonies accusing him of rape and toxic behavior. Indeed it is necessary to be wary of the celebrities of the web.

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